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  • Re: For anyone who still wishes for transparency at I-I: they don't want you to see this

    I think these are fabulous developments and would have been entirely appropriate six months ago.&nbsp; I'm very excited to see them happening, and I'm very disappointed that it is only happening now.&nbsp; I hope, and hopefully not naively, that those of you at II in official or semi-official capacities have a sense of the loss that your lack of ...
    Posted to Nugget Box (Forum) by cahacker on March 9, 2022
  • Re: Autism Is a Natural Variation on the Human Condition - Michelle Dawson

    I didn't understand it to be saying that these kids were diagnosed as autistic and watching tv, but that their subsequent diagnoses were correlated with earlier TV watching.&nbsp; Having said that, correlation is not causation.
    Posted to Interplay (Forum) by cahacker on October 16, 2022
  • Re: Autism Is a Natural Variation on the Human Condition - Michelle Dawson

    Everyone should check out this article on Slate: Apparently a study was just release from Cornell that looked at television exposure by kids under 3 in California, Oregon, Washington, and Pennsylvania.&nbsp; They looked county by county at the growth in cable television and the rise in autism.&nbsp; They ultimately
    Posted to Interplay (Forum) by cahacker on October 16, 2022
  • Re: Corporate Culture- Applying an Integral Model

    While our corporate culture has some strong positive values there are also some negative values that are created by these values.&nbsp; For example, our company perceives itself as a ''family''-like environment; with this environment comes a lot of autonomy in our daily jobs (positive) but also a serious lack of accountability (negative).&nbsp; ...
    Posted to Embodied Practice (Forum) by cahacker on October 9, 2022
  • Re: The world is crying out for Integral Pluralism

    R.K., Fair enough.&nbsp; I did not get from your prior post that you intended your statement to be specific to the particular case.&nbsp; Perhaps poor reading on my part.&nbsp; Chris
    Posted to Nunc Fluens (Forum) by cahacker on October 5, 2022
  • Re: The world is crying out for Integral Pluralism

    rk said: Your point that the UL red/blue individual&nbsp;should somehow know better&nbsp;and be held accountable for terroristic crimes against humanity is well taken and understood.........but that is only part of the AQAL story that is no more important than the negative effects of the LR blue/orange dominated collective (western colonial and ...
    Posted to Nunc Fluens (Forum) by cahacker on October 2, 2022
  • Re: integral governance

    My quick thoughts: dialogue - LL (we - it takes at least 2 to dialogue) politics - UL (personal views and opinions), LL (shared views and opinions, shared political and cultural norms), LR (organizational aspects of politics, i.e., party infrastructure and&nbsp;rules)&nbsp;[with effects in UR] governance and democracy - LR (norms and shared ...
    Posted to Holons (Forum) by cahacker on September 29, 2022
  • Re: Comments on Integral Spirituality - Ap. III

    Balder said: For instance, do you think that animals or simple sentient beings -- and Wilber claims even microorganisms and atoms are sentient beings -- employ injunctions and exemplars in their meaningful&nbsp;interaction with their environments?&nbsp; Balder, I think a problem may lie in the question itself.&nbsp; The statement that animals,
    Posted to ISC Library and Media Discussion (Forum) by cahacker on September 29, 2022
  • Re: For the Record

    Balder, I'm sorry you have felt compelled to goose-step and bootlick.&nbsp; Reading this post made me feel slightly ill.&nbsp; Not what you wrote but that you felt compelled to write it.&nbsp; I assert that most of what you are referring to is a function of a green shadow.&nbsp; While I encourage you to examine who you are being when you are ...
    Posted to The Seventh Circle (Forum) by cahacker on September 24, 2022
  • Re: Comments on Integral Spirituality - Ch. 9: The Conveyor Belt

    Davidd:We can try to persuade them&nbsp;people&nbsp;to live more healthily and realise their potential but if they don't want to, that simply IS&nbsp;their right.&nbsp;&nbsp; But.&nbsp; It's not about shrugging and leaving people to their misery.&nbsp; Neither is&nbsp;it (obviously) about trying to exhort, browbeat, cajole, moralise or&nbsp;act ...
    Posted to ISC Library and Media Discussion (Forum) by cahacker on September 5, 2022
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