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  • Re: Feedback on Holosync

    I have been using the Holosync program for about 2 months now, and am not sure I notice a difference, although I have to admit that I havent been that faithful in the last month. I invested in both it and the ILP package immediately after returning from doing an IWET weekend, and I am curious to hear how others are using both, and what they ...
    Posted to Interplay (Forum) by MichaelFigg on August 30, 2024
  • Re: What Does This Community Eat?

    An HerbalLife protein shake, in preperation for not eating anything nutrional possibly for the rest of the day. Michael
    Posted to Interplay (Forum) by MichaelFigg on August 19, 2024
  • Buddhism - Definitions, Experiences

    Hi All, I am going to plead ignorance on this subject, but I want to know what Buddhism really is? It seems like there are a lot of Buddhists here, and hopefully there are others out there that want to know. My background was to suppress my own Spirituality for many years until about 12 years ago when I could put God into a definition that
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by MichaelFigg on July 7, 2024
  • Re: Why I AM HERE.... Part I

    Mollygee states elegantly what I am feeling also. An act of hope, a leap of faith, and I will add a dance of possibilitiy. I too have been a lifelong loner, and do not want to die this way. In the I-WET last weekend I felt it a lot as we all were walking amongst each other around the room, feeling the first person, but feelng a community ...
    Posted to Help Build Integral Spiritual Center (Forum) by MichaelFigg on July 2, 2024
  • Re: Help us build ISC

    I echo a lot of what Kelly says also. I have about 3 pr 4 years experience with increasing interest and study of Integral ideas. Just came back from last weekends I-WET in Westminster and that lit me up. A really great weekend, great class, great instructors, really great content, and a really great opportunity to get out of Ohio for ...
    Posted to Help Build Integral Spiritual Center (Forum) by MichaelFigg on July 1, 2024
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