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  • Re: Integral Contemplative Christianity

    HI Mary Just a short response about Richard Rohr.&nbsp;&nbsp; I have listened to his tapes for years;&nbsp;''The Great Themes of Scripture'', ''The Great Themes of Paul'', ''Healing our Violence'' that he did with Fr. Keating.&nbsp; I listen to tapes when I use my treadmill in the morning.&nbsp;&nbsp; I'm so glad to hear the new topic at this ...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by mconva on November 3, 2024
  • Re: Integral Contemplative Christianity

    hi everyone; Thanks for all your contributions.&nbsp;&nbsp; I enter this forum with fear and tripidation!&nbsp; Being a Cathoilc priest. I am necessarily associated with the institutional church.&nbsp; And I am a retired active priest working in a parish and doing all the sacramental activity that requires.&nbsp; Let me, at least, tell you a ...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by mconva on November 1, 2024
  • Re: Altar of Thanks: An Integral Refuge Tree

    I was so glad to see Beatrice included in your list.&nbsp;&nbsp; She has become a mentor for me personally and for my Centering Prayer group.&nbsp; Her book, ''Radical Optomism'' is a primer of a Contemplative life style.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; People who have led me to awkening are:&nbsp; Ignatius, Merton, Fr. Dwyer, Richard Rohr, Fr. Keating, ...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by mconva on October 28, 2024
  • Re: Help us build ISC

    Hi, I'm an old Integral Naked member and just joined Integral Spirituality.&nbsp; I have been a fan of Ken for several years and have read almost everything.&nbsp;&nbsp; I have read the paper he gave at the Jund 2005 conference, ''Integral Spirituality'', many times.&nbsp; I also have bee practicing Centering Prayer for about 5 years and in 2005 ...
    Posted to Help Build Integral Spiritual Center (Forum) by mconva on July 13, 2024
  • Re: What feature would you most like to see on

    Hi Mary glad to see you on here.&nbsp;&nbsp; You were one on my favorites in integralnaked.&nbsp;&nbsp; I just joined.
    Posted to Polls (Forum) by mconva on July 11, 2024
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