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  • Re: ILP or A well rounded life

    to me, the difference is that ILP is decidedly a transformative practice, whereas a well-balanced life could be or might not be transformative, while still being ''balanced''also, in my experience, a well-rounded person might indeed have a broad array of interests and activities, but not neccessarily much depthor - to put it another way, balance ...
    Posted to Integral Life Practice (Forum) by vtbrett on June 18, 2007
  • Re: integral psychotherapist

    thanks, DurwinMA is NE, I'm about 2.5 hours north of Boston - how can I learn about who you have in mind?Brett
    Posted to Integral Life Practice (Forum) by vtbrett on June 5, 2007
  • integral psychotherapist

    I am interested is locating an integral therapist to work with in the NorthEast - is there a directory or some such?thanks - Brett
    Posted to Integral Life Practice (Forum) by vtbrett on June 1, 2007
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