The Board of Directors of Integral Institute includes Active Board Members and Directorial Advisors.  From time to time, Active Members rotate off to become Directorial Advisors, and Advisors rotate on as voting Members.

Active Board Members
Ken Wilber
Samuel Bercholz
Jackson Crittenden

Directorial Advisors
Roger Walsh
Frances Vaughan
Michael Murphy


Bob Richards, Executive Vice President
Bert Parlee, Vice President, Chief of Staff
Paul Volk, Vice President, Special Projects
Sean Hargens, Web Editorial
Mark Palmer, Program Coordinator
Colin Bigelow, Operations
Derek Tresten, Technology
Integral Naked Tech Team: Paul Volk, Jeff James, Brian Van Way, Ben Wright, Derek Tresten

Aesthetic Technologies Partners: Sourabh J. Sarkar, Rohit Agarwal, Anto Johny Valan, Arun Elassery


For some of our Founding Members, please see Integral Institute, History.

For some active members of core teams and ICS, please see Integral Consulting Services.

For domain hosts, associates, and members of the coming Multiplex, please see Multiplex.