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Integral Institute is proud to announce the release of its official academic journal, AQAL: Journal of Integral Theory and Practice.  As part of our celebration, we are offering free PDF downloads of the first two quarterly issues of AQAL Journal to any Multiplex subscriberSponsor level and above members can download all available journals, as they become available.  AQAL Journal is a massive publication—with similar publications costing $300 a year or more.

Go to the AQAL Journal Homepage now to learn more.

Articles published in AQAL Journal represent the cutting edge of Integral explorations: philosophical, theoretical, pragmatic, experiential, and critical.  The Journal is committed to the further refinement, development, and expansion of Integral Theory in a post-metaphysical and post-disciplinary perspective.  It is dedicated to articulating the ways ontology, epistemology, and methodology interact and co-arise across various scales of time and space.

If you are interested in submitting your work to AQAL for review please go to our Submissions Page. which includes Submission Guidelines, AQAL Glossary, and Transfer of Copyright forms. 

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