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Integral Institute is trailblazing more inclusive and balanced approaches to education, business, personal development, spirituality, and dozens of other fields—for a world that desperately needs it! Help support the creation of university degrees, training seminars, home study kits, research opportunities, and books and media that put Integral thinking into action. Each person touched by Integral consciousness becomes a force for greater wholeness, excellence, beauty, brilliance, and compassion in the world.

Through Integral Institute, you get access to brand new video and audio clips,each and every week, on some of the most important and driving concerns of our time, from leading visionaries, thinkers, and teachers.

You can become a Member of Integral Institute, or subscribe to individual offerings through our A La Carte program.

Membership Details

Membership at Integral Institute is split into 5 levels. With each additional level of membership beyond Sponsor, you are enabling Integral Institute to better heal the fractured worldviews that are creating and sustaining so many of the problems we face today.


member benefits chart

These benefits have recently changed. If you have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Member Delight Team at or 866.603.9456 (Toll-Free) + 1.303.545.5445 op.2 (Local/International).


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