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The Integral Friends & Partners sphere contains information on some of the organizations and individuals with whom we share an integral approach. We're constantly in dialogue with our Friends and Partners on new initiatives, collaborations, and other ways that we can support and inspire each other. If nothing else, we acknowledge a warm affinity, and affirm that we're "on the same team" in the quest for more integral strategies and solutions.

We work closely with some of our Friends and Partners in order to serve a wide population of people interested in an integral approach. Through Integral Salons, local groups, social networking, and other unique means, you can connect with others and find goods and services to support your work, practice, and relationships.

An I-I Friend may or may not have any kind of official AQAL certification, which requires completing specific training with Integral Institute—but they're simply our friend and so we're delighted to link to their website from the Integral Friends & Partners sphere. An I-I Partner, on the other hand, has some sort of certification, which means they've completed one of our training programs or otherwise demonstrated AQAL competency.

Both Friends and Partners may or may not have any kind of official AQAL certification—and so we cannot guarantee the AQAL quality of what they offer—but we're delighted to provide a link to their website.  In the case of Partners, we've entered into a friendly business relationship with them.

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