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Integral certificates and masters degree programs are currently being offered by the accredited institutions of John F. Kennedy University and Fielding University. Integral Institute has established partnerships with both universities in order to support the best academic training in Integral Theory and its application available anywhere.

These Degree programs offer the world’s first partnerships with institutions of higher education dedicated to Integral theory and practice using the AQAL approach based on the American philosopher Ken Wilber’s work. AQAL stands for all quadrants, all levels, all lines, all states, and all types, and allows people to honor the complexity of the human situation without reducing it to smaller, fragmented pieces.

At the theoretical heart of the Integral Degrees partnerships is the AQAL model framework that connects the most essential insights and methodologies from the largest number of disciplines. The mission of these partnerships is to apply the AQAL framework to the advancement of specific fields, as well as to develop the framework itself.

When you enroll at one of our partner institutions, you become part of a community of learners who are bringing integral awareness into their lives. Through on-line forums and real world events, you’ll meet, get to know, and network with fellow integral scholar-practitioners from around the world.

One of the most exciting features of Integral Institute education programs is that you have the opportunity to contribute to the development of this emerging field of human knowledge. Through your active participation in these degree programs, we invite you to help build the Integral body of knowledge.

In addition to incredible partnerships with leading academic institutions offering Integral curriculum, Integral Institute has a variety of Centers of Discourse currently being developed.  These informal groups are bringing professional academics together to combine theory and practice in areas as diverse as Business, Art, Psychiatry, Ecology, Politics, and Social Service, with many new areas emerging.  You can see how these groups are influencing academia by visiting the AQAL Journal homepage.


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