Wholeness in Practice

Integral Institute is in the process of creating teaching and training programs at virtually all levels and in all major fields, personal to professional:

  • Individually tailored training (a weekend, a week, a month, a year....)
  • College-credit courses
  • Graduate and post-graduate tracks
  • Internships (at all levels)
  • Scholars-in-residence programs (from one month to one year)
  • Professional certificate training programs in all major areas including:

integral business, integral psychology/therapy, integral spirituality, integral conflict resolution, integral medicine, integral community planning, integral politics, integral ecology and ecological planning, integral education, downloading IOS and integral apps, integral transformative practice

These training programs will be taught by the renowned members and associates of Integral Institute, including Ken Wilber and the ICS teams (see Integral Consulting Services for the rostrum).  Numerous advisors and friends of I-I frequently join to help with these programs, making Integral Institute the premier source of leading-edge integral theory, practice, teaching, and training.


Integral Seminars

Another major outlet for the newly-developed Integral Approaches is through Integral Seminars.  Integral Seminars are conducted by active members of core teams, hosts of the various domains of the Multiplex, and friends and associates of Integral Institute.  For a roster of these teachers, please see Integral Consulting Services and Integral Institute, History.

Integral Seminars run anywhere from one day, to one weekend, to several weeks, and will soon include ongoing certificate courses.  They are offered in most areas covered by the core team activities and Multiplex membership, including Integral Medicine, Integral Ecology, Integral Business, Integral Nursing, Integral Finance, Integral City Planning, Integral Psychotherapy (for practicing therapists), Integral Transformative Practice (lay or professional).  For more information, please see Multiplex.



At this time, we are in the process of allocating resources in the various teaching and training programs listed above.  You can help by emailing us at training@integralinstitute.org with any interest you might have in any of these training programs.  Although we cannot answer your emails at this time, they are all read carefully for feedback and then filed.   When I-I initiates training courses in your particular area(s) of interest, you will be the first to know (that is, we will be contacting qualified people in the order they email us).

For the first time in his thirty-year career, Ken Wilber is now accepting students, both of integral work in general and his work in particular.  Ken is looking for top-notch student-practitioners in any integral field—consciousness studies, psychology, ecology, spirituality, feminism, education, medicine, politics, business, art.

If you are specifically interested in studying with Ken, email us at training@integralinstitute.org with particulars.  What are your areas of interest?  List the KW books that you have read.  How often can you come to Denver/Boulder?  (A few weekends a year are the minimum requirement.)  Would you be willing to relocate to Denver/Boulder?  (This is not necessary, but at some point might be useful.)  Again, we cannot answer emails at this time.  However, your email will be filed, and qualified students will be approached in the order that they emailed us.  Ken is accepting a few select students at this time, so let us hear from you if you are interested.

All types and levels of Training—including the acceptance of students, various Integral Seminars, and Online Courses—will  accelerate dramatically with the launch of the Multiplex, the world’s first online Integral Learning Community.  Please stay tuned to this site for news in progress on these major developments.