Mercury Theater

Mercury Theater is the public outreach and educational branch of Integral Institute. Its first formal presentation is Integral Naked. In the future, Mercury theater will include audio-visual projects, television shows, and benefit concerts.

Integral Naked

Integral Naked is a multimedia doorway to the world of integral awareness. Conversations, performances, live events—all involving the most influential, provocative, and important thinkers and leaders in the world.

The core of Integral Naked is a series of intense, raw, straightforward discussions that cover a full sweep of contemporary issues—from business to personal growth, from education to meditation, from politics to ecology, from sexuality to spirituality.

The various thought leaders engaged in these discussions are doing so “off stage”—often in phone conversations, personal settings, or casual meetings, revealing sides of themselves that clarify, focus, and supplement their thoughts and ideas found in conventional channels. These are, indeed, conversations you will hear nowhere else.

Integral Naked is also a platform for the artistic avant garde. Through video clips, concerts, readings, and experimental journals, the voices of the future are being heard today. Integral artists are often a part of live events which are open only to members of Integral Naked. We feature their cutting edge work in the Avant Garde section of the site.

These dialogues and events are part of the exciting culture of integral consciousness emerging in connection with Integral University. If you would like to listen to these dialogues and participate in these events, please see Integral Naked. If you would like to join IU itself, please see Integral University.