Who is Willow Pearson?


Willow Pearson, MA, LPC, MT-BC is a psychotherapist, vocal artist, and music therapist. She is founder and director of Lionessroars Therapeutic Arts, a private practice based in Boulder, Colorado providing integral psychotherapy and voicework to individuals and groups. Willow teaches Integral Artistry and Creativity to diverse learning communities and trains practitioners in the theory and praxis of Integral Psychotherapy. As a vocal artist, recording artist, and composer, Willow performs with her band—Willow & Trio—at national and international music venues. Her most recent CD, Burning, was released in December 2022 through her independent label Lionessroars Productions. Her upcoming recording, Bowing to Venus, is scheduled for release in Winter 2022. In practicing the therapeutic and musical arts, Willow draws on her integral training in shamatha vipassana meditation, tonglen, and ashtanga yoga, together with undergraduate honors work at Stanford University, graduate training in Counseling Psychology at Naropa University, and more than a decade of clinical experience in private practice, and medical and mental health center settings. She was founder and Director of the Music Care program at Boulder Community Hospital from 1998-2022, providing music therapy to acute care patients. A founding member of Integral Institute, Willow directs the Center for Integral Sexuality and Gender Studies, co-directs the Center for Integral Psychotherapy and is a contributing member of the Center for Integral Art at Integral University.

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