The premise of Integral Therapia is simple: what does integrally informed coaching, therapy, or counseling look like? And—just as important—how can I get coached by one of these extraordinary teachers? At least once a month, Integral Naked will choose an IN member to take part in a Therapia session. The session might address a personal, professional, or spiritual issue. But one thing is certain: our teachers will bring all their integral consciousness to bear on the problem.

So, how do I take advantage of this incredible opportunity? Simple. Just sign up, free of charge (you can, of course, specify who it is you'd like to work with), and we'll take care of the rest! We'll also record the meeting for broadcast on IN, so everyone can benefit from your on-the-air adventure in mental health.

Select a teacher:

Dr. Fred Kofman
Dr. Fred Kofman is a world-renowned teacher and business consultant who also doubles as one of our resident coaches, as well as teacher of the popular Integral Consciousness seminars. Click here for "Ask Dr. Fred."

Sally Kempton
Sally Kempton (Swami Durgananda) was one of the foremost teaching monks of Siddha Yoga for over twenty years, and has since become an independent teacher of astonishing skill. Click here for “Ask Dr. Sally.”

Diane Hamilton
Diane Hamilton is a trainer for Integral Institute and a senior student of Big Mind/Zen meditation. She is also a professional mediator, group facilitator, and trainer in conflict resolution. Click here for "Ask the Zen Mediator."