Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber met in Boulder for an in-depth conversation on the meaning of evolution, morality, and spiritual development in a postmodern age.

In this clip, Andrew and Ken explore how both “bottom up” and “top down” psychological models must be honored in any attempt to explain why spiritual realization “sticks” for some and not for others.

Quickly, a “bottom up” model proposes that people must live and act according to the developmental stages of understanding gained in personal growth. A “top down” model proposes that once a person has realized the infinite nature of existence, that knowledge of radical freedom is the basis of all action in the world.

What follows is an engaging dialogue regarding the synthesis of both models in a deeper, wider, and more integral understanding of human psychological and spiritual unfolding….

 Meeting Top-Down Transformation from the Bottom Up ( 08:22 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   4/26/2004

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