Who is Ken Wilber?

"Ken Wilber is one of the greatest philosophers of this century and arguably the greatest theoretical psychologist of all time."
                 --Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., author, Essential Spirituality

"Ken Wilber is a national treasure."
                 --Robert Kegan, Harvard Graduate School of Education,
author, In Over Our Heads

Ken Wilber, at age 54, is the first philosopher-psychologist to have his Collected Works published while still alive, and, with his 25 books translated into some 30 foreign languages, the most widely translated academic writer in America.  Wilber is the internationally acknowledged leader of the integral revolution gathering momentum around the world.  He is the founder of Integral Institute and one of the hosts of Integral Naked.

His many books, all of which are still in print, can be found at Amazon.com.  Some of his more popular books include No Boundary; Grace and Grit; Sex, Ecology, Spirituality; and the "everything" books: A Brief History of Everything (one of his largest selling books) and A Theory of Everything (probably the shortest introduction to his work).  Of the numerous websites touching on his work, wilber.shambhala.com and integralinstitute.org are two of the most popular.

In addition to hosting many of the IN dialogues, Ken’s own work has been featured on Integral Naked:

Shadow Technologies9/24/2022
Does Mystical Mean Ineffable?9/3/2022
The Supreme Identity (Remastered)8/6/2022
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Integral Zen Seminar: Q&A; With Ken Wilber.  Questions 5 and 67/16/2022
Big Mind + Evolution = The (New) Bodhisattva Vow7/16/2022
Musings on the Mechanics of Reincarnation7/16/2022
Involution and I Amness7/9/2022
The Ever-Nearing Apocalypse7/2/2022
Globalization, Spirituality, and a Sustainable China6/25/2022
Typology and Social Evolution6/18/2022
Escaping Flatland.  Part 2.  Dual Civil Wars in the American Political Scene. 6/18/2022
The Key to Integral Sustainability6/11/2022
Leveling the Laws of the Land6/4/2022
A Test for Integral Awareness5/28/2022
Integral Education Reform5/21/2022
Dark Nights of Meditation Practice5/14/2022
Don't Confuse Dharma and Derrida!5/7/2022
This Week's Talk4/30/2022
Integral Zen Seminar: Q&A; With Ken Wilber.  Questions 1-44/30/2022
The Nature of Translation: Stop and Live4/30/2022
One of the Three Most Important Considerations in Modern Spirituality4/30/2022
Environmental Crisis as the Pressing Spiritual Challenge of Our Times: Interiors Matter!4/30/2022
Is There Such a Thing as Integral Shamanism? 4/30/2022
What’s Up Next?!?4/30/2022
Integral Zen Seminar: Q&A; With Ken Wilber.  Questions 1-44/30/2022
Inside and Outside the Matrix: I Am.4/23/2022
Escaping Flatland.  Part 1.  Tragedy, Terrorism, and the VA Tech Massacre4/23/2022
The Nature of Transformation: Making Subject into Object4/16/2022
Big Mind Big Heart.  Part 1.  The Most Important Discovery in Two Centuries of Buddhism4/16/2022
The Need for Integral Spirituality4/9/2022
Integral Art.  Part 1.  The Most Significant Artist in the World.4/2/2022
Realizing Rigpa is Easy, Living Rigpa is Hard.3/26/2022
Recipe for the Human Psyche.  Part 2.  A Second Type of Stage3/19/2022
Exploring “The Secret.”  Part 1.  The Tricky Business of Creating Your Own Reality.3/19/2022
Recipe for the Human Psyche.  Part 1.  States, Stages, & Bodies3/12/2022
What Is an Integral Psychotherapist?3/5/2022
Integral University at Fielding: Q&A; with Ken Wilber.  Questions 4, 5, 6, and 73/5/2022
How Close Is Your Consciousness to Being One with Everything?3/5/2022
Sex, Gender, Trans-Gender3/5/2022
2022, the Aquarian Age, and the Nature of Evolution3/5/2022
Idiot Savant, or Just an Idiot?3/5/2022
Emptiness: The Existential Halfway House2/26/2022
Integral University at Fielding: Q&A; with Ken Wilber.  Question 32/19/2022
The World in Balance: Transformation and Translation2/19/2022
The Realistic Expectations of Integral Wisdom2/5/2022
An Interview with Haim Hacerim.  Part 2.  Integrating Freud and Buddha.2/5/2022
Occupational Hazards of the X and Y Chromosomes1/29/2022
Do Transformations Occur in Therapy?1/22/2022
Integral Sustainability and Enlightened Leadership1/22/2022
Sustainability and Business: Friends or Foes?1/22/2022
Integral University at Fielding: Q&A; with Ken Wilber  Questions 1 & 2.1/22/2022
In Touch for Decades1/15/2022
An Interview With Haim Hacerim.  Part 1.  The Integral Approach.1/8/2022
Entering the Castle.  Part 3.  The Last Mansion, The Beginning of the Rest of Your Life.12/25/2022
Watching the Shadow12/18/2022
Karma in All Four Quadrants12/11/2022
Fast, Furious, and Moving at the Speed of Thought. Part 3. The Perfect Practice12/11/2022
Seeing with the Eyes of God12/4/2022
Who Is Frank Huddy?  Part 2.  Integral Actors Studio, Grace and Grit, and the "Bardo Script."11/20/2022
A Choice for Eternity11/20/2022
The Future is Up to Us11/13/2022
Fast, Furious, and Moving at the Speed of Thought. Part 2. Politics, Ecology, Energy.11/6/2022
God Needs Our Help11/6/2022
The Most Natural Thing in the World11/6/2022
Who Is Frank Huddy?  Part 1.  Ducks, Drillbits, and a More Integral Hollywood.10/23/2022
Casting Shadow10/23/2022
Fast, Furious, and Moving at the Speed of Thought. Part 1. We Have Liftoff.10/9/2022
Integral Communication10/9/2022
Pandits, Gurus, & Psychographs10/2/2022
Entering the Castle. Part 2.  Chakras, Humility, and Spirit in 2nd-Person.9/25/2022
The Role of Faith9/25/2022
The Two Poles of Religion9/18/2022
The Use of Religion in Spirituality9/11/2022
Alternative Economies9/11/2022
Entrepreneurial Idealism and the Integral Model. Part 1. Introducing Zaadz.8/14/2022
Conflicts Create Clarity8/14/2022
No Bell and No I, Just the Ringing8/7/2022
Shadow, States, and Stages. Part 2. ILP, 3-2-1, and the Conveyor Belt.7/31/2022
The 5 Generic States7/31/2022
Entering the Castle. Part 1. The Perfect Storm.7/17/2022
Varieties of Self-Esteem6/26/2022
A New Godview is Emerging6/26/2022
Every Defect is a Treasure6/19/2022
Prerogative of the Privileged6/19/2022
The Influence of One6/12/2022
A Transmission of We6/12/2022
Gurus and Mentors6/5/2022
I Am Big Mind5/22/2022
An Upper-Right Approach to Sex5/15/2022
Evolutionary Biology5/8/2022
Qi in Preventative Medicine5/1/2022
Planting Seed Projects on the Rich Rez4/24/2022
Practice for Two Realities4/24/2022
Metaphysical Gluttony4/17/2022
Anchoring I AMness4/10/2022
Stop Starvation with Meditation3/6/2022
Immortality and Enlightenment2/27/2022
Two Truths Doctrine2/13/2022
Really Genuine Tears1/30/2022
Non-Loving Impulse1/16/2022
Tasting Your Way to Infinity. Part 2. The Unfolding Nature of Realization.1/16/2022
Evolution of Spirit12/19/2022
Infinite and Finite12/19/2022
God is a Blogger12/12/2022
Non-grasping Mind12/5/2022
What is Integral Spirituality?12/5/2022
What is Integral Spirituality?12/5/2022
What are the Chakras?12/5/2022
Does Physics Prove God?11/28/2022
Letting Spirit In11/21/2022
The Buddha Dies11/7/2022
Hurts More, Bothers You Less10/31/2022
States and Stages10/3/2022
Integral Age Comix9/26/2022
Terrorism. Part 2.9/19/2022
Terrorism. Part 1.9/12/2022
Integral Spiritual Center: Bad v. Evil8/22/2022
Meet the ISC Teachers—Ken Wilber. Part 2.8/15/2022
Meet the ISC Teachers—Ken Wilber. Part 1.8/8/2022
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Too Evolved for Relationships?6/27/2022
Integral Spiritual Center6/27/2022
Perspectives on the Student-Teacher Relationship6/20/2022
On the Edge of the Promised Land6/13/2022
Relative Reading in Absolute Reality5/16/2022
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Introduction to Integral Ecology5/2/2022
The Matrix of Health: Vertical Transformation, Horizontal Translation4/25/2022
The Evolving Self. Part 2. The Sensibility of Right Judgment.3/7/2022
Spirituality & The Three Strands of Deep Science2/28/2022
Ken Wilber: Boomeritis Buddhism2/14/2022
How to Stage a 2nd Tier Protest1/31/2022
Ken Wilber: Fitting Buddhism into Western Culture1/31/2022
The Most Conflict-Ridden Turf in the Known Universe1/24/2022
Fitting Buddhism into Western Culture. Part 3. John Kesler, Stuart Davis, and Ken Wilber1/17/2022
The Headache of Higher Education1/10/2022
The Integrally Informed “Art” of Business1/3/2022
The Erogenous Zones of Life, Light & Emptiness12/27/2022
Integral Education: Introducing the AQAL Approach12/27/2022
Practicing the Obvious: Everpresent Awareness & Karma Yoga12/20/2022
Where are all the Integral Women? 12/13/2022
The Crazes of the Relative World12/13/2022
The Supreme 1st Person Perspective: Infinite Joy & Infinite Suffering12/6/2022
To Free an Inquiry by Limiting It12/6/2022
Integral Investigations, Part 2: Hidden, Miniature Egos at Thanksgiving11/29/2022
The Fourth Level of Love: God Loving God11/29/2022
Integral Investigations, Part 1: Jack, Jill & The Mountain of Ten Paths11/22/2022
The Redemption of the Sparks: How a Soul Can Sing God11/22/2022
A Kabbalah of Surrender: Receiving Soul Prints11/15/2022
From 9/11 to November 2nd: The U.S. War at Home & Abroad11/15/2022
Ritual Fringes, Kinky Leather & The Promised Land11/8/2022
An Integral Sutra for Heaven & Earth11/8/2022
Transforming the Mind. Part 2. Kabbalistic Psychodrama11/1/2022
A Puzzle Called AQAL: Fitting the Five Pieces Together11/1/2022
Nothing's Off Limits: Integral Education vs. Traditional Academia10/25/2022
Psychosis or Mystical State? (Remastered)10/25/2022
Masters Lost in the Holocaust10/18/2022
The Tantra of Job: "Through My Body I Vision God"10/18/2022
Transforming the Mind. Part 1. Writing Your Torah10/18/2022
Picking a Path10/11/2022
The Search for Integral Shangri-La. Part 2. The Challenge, the Fun, the Nightmare10/11/2022
Ethics & Enlightenment. Part 1. Compassion in a Box10/4/2022
Ethics & Enlightenment. Part 2. Assholes & Accidents10/4/2022
Ethics & Enlightenment. Part 3. The Erotic Stock Market of the Kosmos10/4/2022
The Church. Part 2. Myths, Meditation, Means9/27/2022
The Search for Integral Shangri-La. Part 1. An Absence of Balance9/27/2022
Lectio Divina. Listening, Levels, Practice9/20/2022
Reviving the West's Greatest Modern Vedantist9/20/2022
Intention, Attraction, Penetration9/13/2022
The Essential Modules of an ITP9/13/2022
What is Integral Politics?9/6/2022
The Ultimate Spiritual Cross-Training8/30/2022
The Church. Part 1. Fundamentalists, Heretics, Lovers.8/16/2022
A Prayer, A Process, A Kiss8/2/2022
Jesus: Faith, Formula, Trikaya7/26/2022
The Eye of Spirit: Integral Art and Literary Theory7/19/2022
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Integral Art Montage. Part 1. Good Artists, Bad People.5/10/2022
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Your Own Letter in the Torah4/5/2022
Produced by God—The Highest Self and the Creative Process. With Special Performance: Overcome.3/29/2022
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Enlightenment Through Relationship3/1/2022
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Workshop on Integral Spirituality. Part 3.1/26/2022
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