From You to Infinity in 3 Pages  
Ken Wilber
What you will find here is one of the most beautiful and effective tools for experiencing the radical Non-dual nature of mind that some of us have ever come across. Call it “Big Mind,” “Brahman,” “Spirit,” “God,” or simply the “Self,” these “pointing out” instructions will turn your attention to that part of you which is flawlessly aware—the primordial always-awakened aspect of yourself that is often referred to on this website.

The text itself comes directly from an e-mail that Ken Wilber sent to an IN staff member several months ago. Since that time, it was forwarded to several of us and has become a favorite of ours, and we think you’ll soon agree.

In our opinion, the power of these pointing out instructions comes from having one’s own name appear repeatedly in the actual instructions. So, before you read them, download this Word document, open it, and then follow the steps below to personalize the experience. Trust us, it’s worth it…

Click on “Edit” in your tool bar, then click on “Find,” which will bring up a “Find and Replace” window. Enter “John” in the “find what” field, and then click on the “replace” tab and enter your name in the “replace with” field. Then, click “Replace All.”

Your own name will now appear in the pointing out instructions… instructions that were written specifically for you and to you.

If you can, find a quiet space where you can experience this “reading meditation,” and then simply follow the instructions.

We sincerely hope that you come to enjoy this as much as we have.