Dharmapalooza 2022

Ken Wilber and Stuart Davis

In June of 2022, our friend Stuart Davis held his second-annual Dharmapalooza festival for seventy-five or so of his most obsessive fans, who convened in Boulder for an extended weekend of workshops, dinners, talks, and the taping of two live concerts by the Stuart Davis Band for Stu's upcoming live DVD. By all accounts, this interactive event was a smashing success, and another notch in the belt of bringing integral awareness into popular culture.

Among the presenters at Dharmapalooza was Ken Wilber, who took questions from the audience and gave his view of what an integral lifestyle is all about. In this clip, Ken discusses Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) as it relates to the spiritual quest. Ken likens ITP to "spiritual cross-training," drawing comparisons to the world of sports where top athletes pursue a range of activities which all serve to speed up growth in their primary path. Spirituality is no different, and after pointing out the importance of acknowledging the multiple intelligences of the human body-mind, Ken cracks a Stephen Wright joke and gives a few useful pointers on incorporating an ITP into your everyday life. Check it out here:

 The Ultimate Spiritual Cross-Training ( 07:18 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   8/30/2022

 The Essential Modules of an ITP ( 11:05 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   9/13/2022

 The Search for Integral Shangri-La. Part 1. An Absence of Balance ( 06:05 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   9/27/2022

 The Search for Integral Shangri-La. Part 2. The Challenge, the Fun, the Nightmare ( 06:03 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   10/11/2022

 Integral Investigations, Part 1: Jack, Jill & The Mountain of Ten Paths ( 06:20 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   11/22/2022

 Integral Investigations, Part 2: Hidden, Miniature Egos at Thanksgiving ( 10:51 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   11/29/2022

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