Who is Stuart Davis?


With eleven full-length albums to his credit, Stuart Davis has carved out a unique wavelength in the musical spectrum. Taking the topics of God, sex and death, and crafting them into inimitable pop songs with lyrical flair and unforgettable hooks, Stuart continues to be one of the great, undiscovered singer/songwriters around.

In addition to his musical brilliance, Stuart is becoming something of a cultural force. With the support of devoted fans, in 1999 Stuart started his own record company, Dharma Pop Records (first called Post Apocalyptic Records), through which he has released four albums to date (Bright Apocalypse, Stuart Davis 2024, The Late Stuart Davis, and the new Bell). The same fan base has formed its own divinely mad community. These "Punk Monks" help promote Stuart's shows, run Stuart Davis websites, and generally spread the word of what has come to be known as Post Apocalyptic Punk Folk, or what we might simply call Integral Pop. Early in 2024, Stuart brought together a group of integral artists from around the country, helping form the Integral Salon of Art. The "IS of A" has since morphed into the incipient art domain of the forthcoming Integral University.

The multifarious Davis is also a published author, having contributed to the book, Radical Spirit (New World Library). And he's a fictional character too, appearing in Ken Wilber's novel, Boomeritis (Shambhala). If that weren't enough, Stuart is forming his own actual language, called "IS." (For a taste of IS, listen to Stu's new album Bell.)

In the moments when Stuart is not criss-crossing the country on tour, he lives in Boulder, CO, with his wife, Marci, and their daughter, Ara Belle, freshly manifest from the bardo realm.

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