The wisdom of the great traditions, updated with insights of modern science and developmental psychology, in a practical and inclusive approach to spiritual growth It's a new world, and it's a new day. Come join us for the birth of an Integral Spiritual Path for the new millennium. This is spirituality for the 21st century

3 Days at the Leading Edge of Spirit’s Unfolding

What does it mean to be spiritual in the 21st century? At a time when we can experience almost any path we want—practice Zen meditation, try a Native American sweat lodge, rediscover our Christian roots, check out Kabbalah—how do we find a path that includes the truths and practices of our global traditions, but is right for us here and now, in our hyper-speed world?

We believe that an Integral spirituality makes room for the most possibilities. We believe that spiritual depth can be broadly inclusive while keeping up with the times. We believe that spirituality can—and must—point the way forward. Come join I-I’s premier teaching team for a 3-day Integral Spirituality Experience where we’ll explore the maps, questions, and practices of Integral Spirituality—a path of enlightenment for the 21st century.

Upcoming seminar to be scheduled soon. To be notified, please send an email to with subject line: Please notify me about Integral Spirituality Experience.

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