Integral Spirituality Experience

Would you describe yourself as spiritual but not religious? Do you feel a connection to the sacred, but are looking for new ways to express it? Or do you feel that your religious path—whether Christian or Buddhist, Jewish or New Age—could benefit from an updated map of reality, one that could frame its essential truths more skillfully, for the benefit of the modern and postmodern world? If so, then Integral Spirituality might be for you.

Our 3-day Integral Spiritual Experience will initiate you into the new world of Integral Spiritual Practice. Think of ISP as a kind of spiritual cross-training, where we synthesize the most essential truths and practices from the world's traditions, combined with the insights of modern science, social theory, and developmental psychology, to produce a path of enlightenment that’s as compatible with deep meditation or prayer as it is with going to the gym, owning a business, having a family, enjoying movies, or any other aspect of life.

It’s worth emphasizing, Integral Spiritual Practice is not just a way of “seeing everything as spiritual,” but is an actual transformative path that will reveal the presence of Spirit in your life in ever deeper ways. You will get what can only be called an Integral Satori. It’s a practice of informed wisdom and intelligent compassion that can help you more effectively love and serve others, because you can better understand their needs within a big picture view.

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