Five Days to Breakthrough Leadership Effectiveness

Integral leadership is the capacity to fully engage both people and systems.

Most of today's leaders are proficient with the technical dimensions of their organization's products and processes. Others are adept with the human elements of culture, ethics and behavior. The Integral Leader is skillful in engaging both the interior and exterior dimensions of people and groups -- radically reducing friction and releasing new levels of energy and results.

During this powerful five-day training, you will enhance your leadership capability while joining a growing community of professionals committed to whole-person / whole-system growth. Through an unfolding series of didactic and experiential learning modules, you will be guided into a deeper understanding of the world's first truly Integral leadership model, as you enhance your own proficiency in cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, moral and spiritual capacities. You will discover practical insights into your actual situation and become a more effective, inspiring leader your very first day back on the job.

The AQAL Leadership Model
Participants will be introduced to one of the newest and most groundbreaking aspects of integral theory: the AQAL Leadership Model.   When the world’s most powerful leadership models are seen in terms of the AQAL maps, the world’s first truly comprehensive picture of leadership comes starkly into view.

Participants will learn to use the extraordinary set of AQAL lenses to make sense of even the most complex, intractable situations, conduct an AQAL analysis, craft an AQAL strategy, and execute effectively through AQAL action.

Integral Leadership is leadership informed by an Integral map. And it can’t be just cognitive. A great leader is not one who learned or memorized the map, but a man or woman who has made it their own, who has embodied it, who is living it, and knows every ingredient from the inside out.

Integral Leadership occurs when a leader’s overall capacity to lead touches all of the bases that the human being is made of. At our workshops, we will give you the best map available right now that covers all human possibilities. The integral map is something you already own—we want to give you a set of terminology to help point that out, and a series of experiences and exercises so that you can feel this in your interaction, whether it is in work, play, or relationships.

—Ken Wilber

Who Should Attend?

This hands-on workshop is open to leaders (and those who work with leaders) in all walks of life who wish to learn how to be more effective in relationships, teams, and organizations. This seminar is well suited for executives and managers in business, education, healthcare, religious communities, and non-profit organizations.

It is also beneficial for in-house and contracted coaches, management consultants and change agents. You will benefit from his program if you simply feel called by the integral vision and want to discover how you might tap the full force of your unique self and express your gifts through communion with others.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • A deeper understanding of the Integral approach, as well as practical strategies specific to your actual working situation.
  • New leadership tools and methods for integrally informed strategic thinking, innovation, communication, collaboration, negotiation and conflict resolution.
  • Multiple intelligences: not just emotional intelligence, but interpersonal, spiritual, moral, and even physical.
  • How to use multiple perspectives to gauge an individual's or group's meaning-making systems so that you can more effectively influence, support and lead them.
  • Gain a clearer sense of your own growth along various lines of development. Identify personal and career goals and specific methods strategies for achieving them.
  • Using the AQAL framework as a quick scanning device to diagnose your situation so that you can design more complete interventions. NOTE: You are invited to bring your current problems and opportunities to the workshop for discussion and real world application.
  • Gain a panoramic view of society's evolutionary development in a cultural, technological, environmental and geopolitical context, revealing dynamics crucial to your group’s — and your own — success.
  • Integral decision-making: techniques that allows for more comprehensive assessments and laser-focused action.
  • Integrally informed methods to expand your team's capacity to make sustainable changes and resolve situations that have proven resistant to change.
  • PLUS you'll have the opportunity to receive Ken Wilber's perspectives regarding your most pressing questions, concerns and issues in an informal, intimate atmosphere of learning and discovery.

How is the Workshop Structured?
The Integral Leader Seminar is itself an expression of integral practice, and is designed to engage you physically, emotionally, cognitively, interpersonally, and spiritually (in the dimensions of I, We, and It). We will employ a balance of informational/didactic, group process and experiential learning modules, integrated to build from the first morning's session to the closing day.

We will also focus on helping you develop and strengthen your own integral transformative practice, with modules including:

  • Contemplative practices
  • Exercise and movement
  • Self-discovery and self-expression

One of the primary goals of this seminar is to facilitate a community — and an on-going support system — of integrally informed leaders.  Through the interactive features of this Integral Training website (currently under development), you will be connected to the world’s first Integral learning network, with online discussions and events, all designed to move the Integral field forward -- with your participation!

Registration is limited, and this seminar fills up fast.  To ensure your place, register now, using the link above...
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