A Comprehensive Approach to Leadership for Today’s Organizations

Faculty: Ken Wilber, Brett Thomas, Bert Parlee, Cynthia McEwen and John Schmidt.
(Ken Wilber will personally conduct two sessions).

"Becoming an effective, exemplary leader is the same as becoming a fully integrated human being." -- Warren Bennis, Founding Member, Integral Institute

Today’s leaders face an unprecedented complexity of value systems, motivations and working styles in their people and organizations. Traditional leadership strategies are insufficient to meet these growing challenges. Indeed, typical styles of leading usually result in misalignment, lack of traction and poor performance.

We believe that there is another way. To meet our uniquely complex challenges, today’s leaders require a comprehensive, multidimensional and adaptive approach. They require an Integral approach.

Integrally-informed leaders are able to integrate multiple perspectives into shared values, vision and action. They magnetize an interpersonal field that inspires meaning and direction among their followers. The result is an aligned collective engaged in powerful action -- and achieving ever-greater results.

"If you want to become a leader who is aware of his/her own purpose, and wants to generate people who are equally aware of their roles and their personal missions, then you have no choice but to explore what Ken Wilber and The Integral Institute have put together here." — Fernando Cardoza

Bring the power of The Integral Leader online in your life and career. Join us in beautiful Colorado for an this extraordinary five day event…

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Postponed until 2024. If you are interested in being notified of the upcoming seminar, please send an email to training@integralinstitute.org with the subject line: Integral Leadership Seminar.
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