As a student, I cannot express how much I learned in terms of applying the AQAL Model to psychotherapy. Our work together has provided me with direction, inspiration, and a sensible grounding for the development of my practice. Finally, the manifestation of a sangha is nothing less than a blessing.-L. Rand Mayer, China

This was a wonderful gift. Thank you so much for providing such a welcoming, supportive and transformative experience. Truly superlative!-Tim Carroll, CA

This is an experience I will always remember. I take a community home with me.-Anonymous

This was amazingly well executed. What a challenge to present this material to such a diverse audience. Each presenter was thoroughly knowledgeable and open to questions in a very inviting way. –Barbara Alexander, CA

I lost the superimposed structure I came with and in its place a flood of answers emerged as if by magic. The seminar was elegant!

This team is an amazing ensemble of grace, wisdom, knowledge and generosity.-Anonymous

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