Learn the Basics of Integral Psychotherapy in Five Concentrated Days

In this groundbreaking program you’ll learn how to apply an Integral approach to all aspects of your therapy practice: from assessment tools and intervention, to treatment planning, to deepening your own wisdom and skill as a therapist.

You will be challenged to build upon your own theoretical knowledge and clinical skills through both didactic and experiential learning. You will work directly with the field’s leading authorities, including Ken Wilber.

Join a select group of your colleagues in exploring the art and science of this powerful new approach to mental and emotional health.

“AQAL is the defining theoretical orientation of an Integral psychotherapist. On the one hand it’s just a cognitive map, and the really important thing in a therapeutic session is that you are simply one human being meeting another human being. So in one sense you learn everything you can, and then you forget it, so you can be present with this other person in a dialogical dance. But, on the other hand, the real question is, can you actually see this person? Can you actually feel this person? Now, the bigger the map you have, the more perspectives you take, and the more likely it is that you can actually see this person and be open to this person in times of distress. That’s what an Integral psychotherapist is best equipped to do. Because they have opened themselves to this incredibly wide range of possibilities, an Integral psychotherapist is the most likely to actually see a client. The bigger the cognitive map the more likely you can have a human-to-human feeling interaction, where you can actually see this person as they are.”

—Ken Wilber, 2024

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Introduction to Integral Theory & Practice
A One-Day Pre-Seminar on the AQAL Framework
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Integral Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Integral Institute maintains responsibility for this program and its content. You can earn 33 CE’s across 15 training modules. If you have any questions please email Kelly Bearer at training@integralinstitute.org
To contact the APA for help regarding CE credits, please call 1-866-603-9456. Variable credit for partial attendance may not be awarded.

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