Make Sense of Everything with AQAL!

The AQAL Framework is a comprehensive theory of—and passion for—reality. It’s also a “psychoactive” experience, simply by virtue of disclosing such a radically new perspective on the world—and yourself.

This one-day intensive will teach you the basics of AQAL: Quadrants, Levels, Lines, States, and Types. You’ll learn all you need to be prepared for your upcoming workshop experience.

Simply by learning the AQAL framework and how to apply it, you’ll be ushered into a wider circle of wisdom, caring, and skillful action. You’re able to express yourself and serve others with a new level of confidence and effectiveness. Fear is relaxed, and life becomes more vivid and joyful.

As new aspects of your being awaken, you realize that you are transforming . . . into yourself. This means both the Self who has always been perfect and whole, as well as the self who is utterly unique and called to a deeply personal purpose.

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Integral Psychotherapy
May 21-25, 2024

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