For those would like to deepen their Integral Psychotherapy training with the help of an I-I certified trainer, Integral Institute is pleased to offer Integral Psychotherapy Coaching.

Working in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, and a commitment to leading edge learning in our field, our Integral Coaches will help you articulate and achieve your professional goals, in alignment with your emergent self. Through active listening, support, mentorship, and challenge, our coaches will help you to identify your goals and then work with you to take the steps to actualize these goals.

Whether your therapeutic work takes place as a counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, spiritual director, coach, social worker, or clinical therapist, our coaches will help you to hone your Integral vision and fine tune your therapeutic skills.

Personal coaching topics include but are not limited to:

  • Integral Business Development for Psychotherapists
  • Integral Life Practice for Psychotherapists

Professional coaching topics include but are not limited to:

  • The Self System
  • The Types of the Unconscious
  • The Spectrum of Defenses
  • Self Stages of Development
  • Health and Pathology in Early Development
  • Integral Diagnosis & Psychopharmacology
  • Health and Pathology in Spiritual Development

All Integral Institute coaches are certified in AQAL, I-I’s framework for mapping the gifts of human development: East and West, traditional and cutting-edge. Out of this integration emerges a wider—and wiser—view to help you engage the highest and deepest aspects of who your ability as a therapist.

Based on your personal input, I-I will connect you with a coach who fits your needs and time availability. Most coaching is done by telephone, either weekly or bi-weekly. Registration and logistics are easy.

Introductory Offer: Many coaching or therapy sessions costs upwards of $150-200 an hour—and that’s not for Integral. Our special introductory offer gives you three 1-hour sessions for $395.

During this time, you and your coach will define what you want to accomplish and begin the coaching process. At the end of your 3 introductory sessions, you’ll determine how you want to proceed. You can then sign up for ongoing sessions for $140 per hour.

Signing up is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Click on the link below and fill out a detailed, confidential questionnaire. Give us as much information as you think we’ll need to match you with the right person to help turbo-charge your life and career. There, you will also tell us your scheduling availability.
2. We’ll match you with an I-I Certified Integral coach who can best meet your experience and needs, and who offers sessions at times convenient to you.
3. We’ll email you to set up your first appointment(s). You pay online for your first 3 sessions.
  It's that easy!

Welcome to a new level of clarity, commitment, and results through Integral Coaching. Our professional coaches are eager to assist you in the process of bringing more Integral perspectives to your practice, work, and life.

Click here for the questionnaire to begin your registration.

(If you're interested in personal or spiritual coaching, please click here.)

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