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Integral Scenario Development

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Date Added: Tue, May 08 2007

Scenario planning is a practice used by many sectors of society around the globe to develop forward-looking views to assist in planning and strategy. Chris Stewart's Integral Scenario Development helps to broaden and deepen future views and helps to expand strategic conversation to include more of the objective and subjective realities at as many systemic levels as possible or practical. The author cites Wilber’s “principles of practice” (POP) that guides application of AQAL:

Non-exclusion: All relevant perspectives are considered.
Unfoldment: Everything should be considered from an evolutionary perspective.
Enactment: All that is perceived is done so through socio-cultural lens.
Uncomfort: All that is suggested/communicated is done is a way that minimizes distortion, conflict or “uncomfort” in a way that recognizes the limitations of our mental models.

These POP help in the creation of an Integral Meta-paradigm that directly contributes to the goal of broader and deeper future views.

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