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A Reference Guide for Integral Eco-Social Change Initiatives

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Date Added: Thu, Aug 31 2006

By Barrett Brown and Sean Esbjörn-Hargens

Keywords: reference guide, bibliography, eco-social change, database, readings, literature, Integral Sustainability, ecology, Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, international development, future studies, social action, integral approach, human development, transformation

This document gives an overview of published material addressing an Integral approach to sustainability, ecology, corporate social responsibility, international development, future studies, and social action. Included are academic journal articles, theses, dissertations, and books. It does not include the large number of articles about these topics available on the Web, in magazines and popular journals, or in the knowledge base at Integral University. This document ends with two lists for further inquiry. The first covers books that detail the Integral framework. The second is a list of primary sources for better understanding human development and transformation, which is central to the Integral framework. The overall intention is to provide scholars and practitioners with a solid bibliography from which to develop their own research and application. [Co-Director’s note: this paper references materials that may encompass any or all elements of Integral Theory: quadrants, developmental levels, lines, states, and types. – Barrett]

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