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Introductory Paper on Integral International Development

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Date Added: Thu, Sep 21 2006

By: Gail Hochachka

Keywords: international development, quadrants, interiority, INAPRO, Peru, case study, Social Analysis System, SAS, Quechua, methodologies, local, social change

In this paper I introduce Integral Theory and its multiperspectival approach to international development and its capacity to foster or create conditions for systemic, collective, and personal change. Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory describes systemic, collective, and personal evolution through the perspective of I, We, and It/Its. These perspectives illuminate interior and exterior perspectives of individuals and groups, conveyed in Integral Theory as quadrants. An Integral Approach aligns international development with the inherent process of evolution in all quadrants. Here, I describe the way each quadrant relates to international development, and offer some methodologies to work with phenomena and dynamics arising in each quadrant. At the end, I give an example of all-quadrant development intervention in Peru.


BarrettBrown said:

I recommend you read everything you can by Gail Hochachka, co-director of Integral Without Borders (the Integral International Development Center). She has many great articles and a book on Integral Sustainability on her website at under Resources.
Fri, Mar 30 2007 6:08 PM
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