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Blurring Fact and Fiction: Telling Stories About I-I

Last post 07-29-2022, 3:22 PM by pattye. 17 replies.
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  •  07-06-2022, 9:03 AM 25330 in reply to 24188

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    Re: Blurring Fact and Fiction: Telling Stories About I-I


    Thank you so much for this thoughtful post.  Looking back, I'm deeply grateful for having known you in The Wild West, and for our community here in what might be called "Dodge City."  We really managed to accomplish a fair amount together, and in the end, I'm proud of it.

    Wishing you much love,


    ~Rollie @ ISC
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  •  07-29-2022, 2:18 PM 26552 in reply to 16711

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    Re: Blurring Fact and Fiction: Telling Stories About I-I

    There only a few brilliant people in the world throughout history and they all have the same pathology: pronoia. Ever heard of paranoia? Well, Pronoia is a condition that even once analyzed encourages you to think in conspiracies and see the world as a play thing of a few select, omnipotent beings... that are you and your friends. I don't think that I need to elaborate further, but if this is an imperfect answer, then I have more definitions of useful phrases. Alteredly, Ulzo Hyperborean, 2nd Father
    Sorry further response canceled due to Ragnarok.
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  •  07-29-2022, 3:22 PM 26557 in reply to 26552

    Re: Blurring Fact and Fiction: Telling Stories About I-I

    I missed these last three Posts first time around.  I was glad to hear/see what Annie, rollie and vairachna had to say.   It seems that it cannot be ignored since Annie  has explained why those in charge cannot always make connections as much as they might like to do so.   There is no time and usually not much energy left.   That is one of the reasons that I have ask that we leave it alone in some ways until we see what is happening.   If they stopped to please one, then there would just be more.  I can appreciate the fact that the thread about   "Ten Things"  would want to be a celebration of the people, the insights, the unity, the creativity  and a time that was and how really good it got.    However, the timing is off.   First of all, I felt that it belonged to them then and it belongs to them now.   I did not feel that I could break into most of their threads.   And Mary and a couple of others were always there with a loving answer, if I ask a question.

    I know that is my problem.  Still, they had developed a language and a freedom with one another that closes the group.  Very good stuff.    There are beginnings and Endings and how we handle them is important to look at.   At least I have come to believe that after learning for myself.  When I first saw the thread this time, I was all set to reply and my head was full of playful stuff to mess around with.  Then it dawned on me as I read on that this did not feel inviting to me.  In fact it got me down and I had to work on transmuting the emotions without "story".   I did that and I feel now that this is not a "made up story" about me but an insight that needs to be said.   It has been a week now and I waited.   I do notlike to do this.   I really care about some of the people who wrote these threads.   Pattye     And I feel that Annie and rollie and vairachna have "held back" at times also.    And they speak modestly of how and why it was good without apology.  

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