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Getting Started

Last post 03-06-2022, 6:27 PM by AmusablePsycho. 6 replies.
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  •  02-28-2022, 3:41 PM 19794

    Getting Started

    Hello, my name is Mauricio, I am from México and I have a deep interest in transforming myself, my environment, my country, the world and the universe. I know that it is not as easy as it seem but I have realized that the most important is to get started. I might never get to transform the universe nor the world, but I now that I might help for this tranformation by transforming myself. But what do I want to transform into? I am still a little confused about that, but for what I have read in Integral Institute, I've found that I share the views of this community.
    This is my first day here at I-I community and am not sure where to start, there is so many information and so many resources. I have a very active mind, I might call myself 'integral' in that I have a lot of interests and I realize that there no such thing as an absolute truth. I consider myself spiritual, and sometimes even mystical, and somehow am able to sense the interconnectednes of the universe, but I know that, to make a contribution for a better world and a better understanding of the universal connections I must first work and grow from within myself.
    My proposal for this community is for members, based on their experiences, to trace a route for newcomers in order to help us not to get lost in so much information.

    P.D. I am very glad to finally join you in this quest and I hope to take the greatest advantage of all the resources and information to be found here, and specially to take advantage in communicating with all the people that have awakened to the betterment of our condition (human and universal). Big Smile [:D]

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  •  03-01-2022, 4:59 AM 19800 in reply to 19794

    Re: Getting Started

    Welcome Mauricio,

    You have answered your own question. You start with Self, and always ask to transform to your Highest Self. The Highest Self will transform you, then you begin translation of that transformation. Change comes from within. The external world is what it is, but only your Higher Self will be able to recognize Truth. Seek within, ask within and IT will be given to you.

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  •  03-01-2022, 7:07 AM 19804 in reply to 19794

    Re: Getting Started

    Hola Mauricio,


    When it comes to beginnings we have only one option; we start from where we are at. In your case you begin with something very valuable, a sense of inquiry. Please be invited to treasure it, to honor it, and to learn to trust it –deeply.


    It is especially valuable, in the course of inquiry; to come upon a paradox, as that’s where and when the fun, as well as the real work begins.


    Meanwhile you might check out the ILP (Integral Life Practice) kit available through I-I. But when it comes to others and their experiences its good to remember that there are as many paths as there are seekers, and that what works for one might not for another; but do not be discouraged, and if you find something good, just make it your own. This is important because Truth cannot be borrowed.


    And when it comes to deep stuff like ‘absolute truth’, please be cautious about whether it exists or not; as you might run risk of shutting down your valuable sense of inquiry. This would be tragic, and the equivalent of shooting one’s self in the foot.





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  •  03-01-2022, 11:32 AM 19818 in reply to 19800

    Re: Getting Started

    Thank you very much for your reply, I know I should start from within, actually I believe my transformation already started, and a proof of that is that I took interest in Integral Institute and its people. But what I meant with my question, I think I should have been more specific, is how do I sort all the information available?, which topics/authors/interviews you recommend I should explore first?.. I know that every path is personal but if we share our experiences and the path we've taken, we might shine the path of other people and show them a route they can take while they find they own paths. To be more specific I would appreciate suggestions on the material available at Integral Naked & Integral Spiritual Center.
    I do appreciate Charle's suggestion on the ILP kit, I've got information about it before and an offer from Centerpointe (Holosync), and it is already on my list for next purchases. And what I meant by "there is not such thing as an absolute truth" is that there is no unique view that would hold the only truth, but that  you can find it in many sources; I believe that is what integral means... that you should not be blind to external sources and the more you embrace the richer your vision will become.
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  •  03-01-2022, 12:01 PM 19820 in reply to 19794

    Re: Getting Started

    Hello Mauricio!

    Welcome to this wonderfully confusing mess that we all hope to turn into an Integral community! 

    I have to say that Ken's work, this community, and the "Multiplex" as a whole have been one of the most difficult things to comprehend that I've ever encountered.  There is no good starting point, unfortunately.  The way I finally grasped what it was all about was to read Ken's "Theory of Everything" book.  Though I think that the first half of his new book "Integral Spirituality" would be good too (which may still be avaialble as an Adobe Acrobat file that you can download at the Integral Spirituality part of the Multiplex website).

    Also there is a good, and very brief, synopsis of Integral theory on holons news, here.  And there is link to a PDF that you can download at the bottom of that page which leads you to a longer explanation of Integral theory.

    Also, check out the various presentations on the Integral Spirituality site, including the videos, and the recordings of the conference calls with Ken that you can listen to there.  The Big Mind stuff is especially wonderful!  And I'm a big fan of all of the videos of Fred Kofman that are on the Integral Spirituality site, as well as on the Integral Naked site.

    Happy Exploring.

    Peace, Love, and Bicycles,
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  •  03-02-2022, 5:49 AM 19870 in reply to 19820

    Re: Getting Started

    Thank you Turtle! I've downloaded the PDF from the page you suggested, I've also downloaded a PDF from Don Beck introducing Spiral Dynamics, a topic I'm quite interested in. I found it to be a little too basic but it is ok as a reference for starters. I tried to download an audio file also from Don Beck but the link was broken, which brings me to my next question... Where can I report broken links?
    The PDF's for the "Integral Spirituality" book are still available, and I am already reading it and do recommend it.You can find it here.
    I'll explore Fred Kofman's as you suggested,  I appreciate your comments.  I am already a happy explorer :-D!
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  •  03-06-2022, 6:27 PM 20227 in reply to 19794

    Re: Getting Started

    Answering my own question, and having done some explorations I'll suggest the following links to get started:
    Integral Basics Forum
    A Brief Explanation of Altitude (link by turtle (above))
    Holons News
    Integral Wiki
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