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Agape, Meditation and Body

Last post 08-22-2021, 4:15 PM by Hokulani. 0 replies.
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    Agape, Meditation and Body

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    I'm working with the ILP Kit now for 5 weeks. I have been working on an integral live for quite some years. Working with the Kit makes sure for me not to miss any basics. And finally I feel connected with others working on ILP, feels great. I'm happy to get a lot of additional information and practice of AQAL, shadow work... from Integral Institut online.

    One specific question I have: I'm interested in and working with Sri Aurobindo and his Integral Yoga, specially the Mothers approach of bringing supermind into the body as her disciple Satprem wrote about. Is there some information out there in the Integral Institute or somebody working with that approach?

    Thanks, Edith

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