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dan millman with ken

Last post 11-17-2022, 8:20 AM by vulgan. 13 replies.
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  •  09-19-2022, 6:16 AM 28694

    dan millman with ken

    in the featured dialogue, i like when ken said exercise the body and the mind will follow

    i second that emotion Wink [;)]

  •  09-19-2022, 9:09 AM 28701 in reply to 28694

    Re: dan millman with ken

    body stretching toward the stars .. mind following suit . . .


  •  09-19-2022, 10:55 AM 28704 in reply to 28701

    Re: dan millman with ken

    Hi, Fairyfaye,

    Have you seen the Peaceful Warrior movie yet?  If so, how was it?  I've been thinking about ordering it from my cable company but haven't gotten around to it yet.  I read the book years ago and remember liking it.  At the time, I thought he was copying Castaneda and probably inventing a teacher as a literary device, but I've since met a friend of his who confirms that he really did meet an unusual teacher at a local gas station in Berkeley.

    Best wishes,


    May the boundless knowledge that time presents and space allows illuminate the native perspectives of your original face.

  •  09-19-2022, 11:18 AM 28706 in reply to 28704

    Re: dan millman with ken

    hey there balder .. i too read the way of the peaceful warrior way back in my youth .. and liked it and wondered whether the gas station character was real

    haven't seen the movie yet .. but plan to see it eventually

    does anyone out there whose seen it have any comments about the movie ??




  •  09-19-2022, 5:49 PM 28721 in reply to 28706

    Re: dan millman with ken

    I  read Peaceful Warrior only a few years ago and soon afterward had the opportunity to meet Dan Milman in Manhattan at a church.  He was on tour promoting his second book.

    According to him some of the events in Peaceful Warrior are true some were not. 

    It was because of him I discovered Ken Wilber's work.  He suggested I check out integralnaked!  Small world!

    I enjoyed listening to him and he had a nice following not as big as Wiber and Myss however allot of fans.



    when two people agree on everything all of the time one of them is not necessary
  •  09-19-2022, 8:05 PM 28726 in reply to 28704

    Re: dan millman with ken

    Hi, Balder - listening to this interview and conversation, Dan indicated that he has had a few important teachers. Though not saying explicitly, I thought he down-played the gas station attendant a bit from the story version. He specifically said that, no, the man had not lept onto the roof and that this story was fictional. He said that he sensed that there was something important for him to learn from this real gas-station man and that this man had a quality of being real or authentic - though my words are not exactly Dan's that was my sense of it. Not supernatural, but solid and maybe wise and good is my remembrance of the interview.

    I enjoyed the movie and the book.

    I enjoyed the interview and again seeing one of Ken's many gifts - that of striving to have a comfortable rapport with his conversational partner. Not that it matters much, but I didn't sense that the two men had an especially warm and fuzzy rapport with each other, maybe even some unspoken stuff, but they worked through it cordially and effectively, each presenting information about themselves and their works.

    It was interesting to 'see' (hear) Dan in a more three dimensional way. He seems to be a serious fellow and one who honors his own unfolding.

    That's a short version of my idiosyncratic take and of my pleasure in listening, feeling, and learning. The IN interviews have become my favorite part of IN, expanding at least laterally my world.

    Wellness, ambo

    Ambo Suno
  •  09-19-2022, 8:13 PM 28727 in reply to 28726

    Re: dan millman with ken

    Hi, Ambo, thank you.  I think I will probably watch it this weekend.  My wife has resisted it till now because I think she expects it will be a schmaltzy New Age morality tale, but Dan does sound like a pretty solid guy, so I'm going to just go ahead and check it out. 

    When I mentioned that the gas station guy turns out to have been a real person, by the way, I didn't mean that I thought everything Dan wrote about him was true!  He took full advantage of literary license, it seems to me -- but, as I remember from reading the book years ago, to overall good effect.

    Best wishes,


    May the boundless knowledge that time presents and space allows illuminate the native perspectives of your original face.

  •  09-20-2022, 3:03 AM 28743 in reply to 28727

    Re: dan millman with ken

    Well, Balder, it may be a bit schmalzty New age - your wife may not like it therefore. I expected it to be a bit schmaltzy too, but I nonetheless enjoyed it. On one level, it seemed to be presented in a fairly mainstream Hollywoodish way, but with a little extra woowoo, and a male mentor figure who goes against the cultural flow of the place and time.  ambo 

    Ambo Suno
  •  09-22-2022, 3:49 AM 28831 in reply to 28743

    Re: dan millman with ken

    To be honest Dan Millman almost put me to sleep. Now granted he sounds like a nice guy and there were some parts where I would find myself nodding in agreement of what he was saying. But the way he packaged and presented himself (which im sure was completely honest) just really turned me off as to want to listen to something in the future involving him.

    Also im hesitant to pick up a book from someone that conveyed themselves (which nothing is really wrong with the guy) in a manner I do not find entertaining. (He doesnt have that zing that im looking for in an author or teacher).

    Keep cool ma babies!
  •  09-22-2022, 6:14 PM 28871 in reply to 28727

    Re: dan millman with ken

    Hi all,

    I passed on reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior for many years as it came out with a cover and title that reminded me of much of the items I was purging from my bookshelves at the time. Earlier this year I heard an interview with him on WIE and was impressed with his depth and sincere efforts at bringing spritituality to bear on everyday life. I got the audio version of his book from and really enjoyed it. I have since listened to "No Ordinary Moments" and "The Twelve Gateways to Freedom". The man definitely speaks from experience and connects with his audience in the trenches of daily living. I would have no problem recommending his work to someone looking for some stucture to assist them in applying spiritual principles to life; not as a band aid to cover a wound but as that which arises naturally from healing the wound. He is a valuable teacher who has the unique abilitity to appeal to a large range of people at different stages and to convey an integral approach to life in terminology they can relate to.

    I doubt the movie can adequately capture the man and his story but I do know he was involved enough in its making that its should be an excellent vehicle to stimulate more people to seek a conscious engagement with life.


  •  10-15-2022, 9:38 PM 30076 in reply to 28871

    Re: dan millman with ken

    just listened to part two of the dialogue .. and i love the way dan said he doesn't focus on winning .. he focuses on excellence

    and also when he did a great dismount and then removed his sweatshirt and threw it on his bag .. and socrates said that was a sloppy move

    not the dismount but the way u removed your sweatshirt .. i love that point .. it says it all .. no moment deserves more attention than any other


  •  10-19-2022, 8:22 PM 30326 in reply to 30076

    Re: dan millman with ken

    it was such a long time ago that i read the way of the peaceful warrior .. and i don't have it anymore .. but i think it is there that i read him say that a really 


    interesting race would be in slow mo .. where the athletes go thru the motions of running but as slow as they possibly can .. like a kind of tae chi

    and the slowest one wins .. now wouldn't THAT be something at the olympics ??

  •  11-17-2022, 6:47 AM 32022 in reply to 30076

    Re: dan millman with ken

    Overall I experienced the interview as being valueable ,and like fairfaye, I liked the distintion of focusing on excelence. Yet I also came away with both Ken and Dan seemed to run from competition and comparing.  I mean come on guys when you know who you really are is beyond it all , and beyond any experience , there is space to have a good fight, there is space to feel those experiences  that are little egos run from. If you lose so what, you know who you really are and you dont take it personally. From a higher degree of consciousness I agree that my opposition is my teacher/student but come on transcend and include.  I still like to include the lower realms of, hey I want to beat them. Those clasic Ali /Frazier fights in my opinion would have lost its zeal if they up there talking about "'o he is my teacher and I thank him for my growth"  Lets not be so afraid of rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty.  Coming from infinity there is space for all of it.

    Bill Kilburg,
  •  11-17-2022, 8:20 AM 32022 in reply to 30326

    Re: dan millman with ken

    haven't watched dan because like someone else said he lacks "zing", or something.   and that opinion is only based on his facial expression and the title of his books.  and judging a book by it's cover is in fact very important in this day and age, when there are so many to sift...beyond.

    i like what fairyfaye sayd... "and the slowest one wins" ..... and am reminded of the tortoise and the hare... and my high school typing class.   while everybody felt the spirit of competition, everybody refused to take their eyes of the keys like we were supposed to, so as not to look "left behind" in the beginning classes.   as the classes continue almost nobody ceased looking at the keys.   meanwhile myself and one other had begun properly, struggling at less than 20 words per minute without looking at the keyboard.  we had to put up with appearing slower than the cheaters, but only for one month.  after one month we had gone beyond 30 and 40 words per minute, while everybody lagged behind in between 30 and 40.  after 3 months we had achieved 90 -> 100 + words per minute, while everybody was still at about 40!

    nothingness, check out my "a Dawkins moment..." thread... it is about the place fighting for ones place has, if only for a moment.
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