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Last post 10-05-2021, 5:18 PM by fairyfaye. 2 replies.
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  •  09-17-2021, 9:37 AM 28612


    and because this separate self abides in space and time .. she can plan a mystical voyage .. destination resonating in the same space and time as a group of masters of existence

    have paid the registration, booked the hotel room and now need to plan the route

    my ship is my car and the land is the ocean



  •  09-17-2021, 10:10 AM 28613 in reply to 28612

    Re: voyeee

    got a separate notebook to begin using as a log when i set sail .. and have a dinner date upon arrival with mark and anyone else who joins us

    like a child in anticipation of christmas .. then getting distracted by the ecstacy of the turning leaves glowing in both green and orange at the same time .. how do they DO that ??


  •  10-05-2021, 5:18 PM 29559 in reply to 28613

    Re: voyeee

    well things have a way of working out, don't they ? got myself some extra cash so booked a flight instead

    i think my family is much relieved .. they might trust "me" but "myself and i" as driving companions can only be trouble Wink [;)]

    Cool [H]   Party!!! [<:o)]

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