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A Few Questions

Last post 8 hours, 27 minutes ago by emersondds. 0 replies.
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    A Few Questions

    Hey guys I had a couple of questions I was hoping to get sorted out.
    1.) Last time I posted I mentioned how I had a very spiritual experince at age 12 and actually entered what I read Wilber call the "gateless gate", that you have never actually leave, and of course I didn't think anything much of it at the time because I had no other reference point, it was normal to me. Im 20 now and recently I went through extreme anxiety, depression, and identity crisis, and had had a psychotic episode where I thought I was traveling through parrallel univereses, so things have definitly took a turn for the worse latly but i was a normal kid growing up. The running diagnosis is bipolar but I question this.

    My question is how rare/profound was my spiritual experience at that age? And any recommendations such as therapist that deal with spiritual issues or related persons?

    2.) I heard Ken say in a video that "the more lost, and confused, and horrible it is for a person in life, the more fun it is when they wake up". I think I understand, but if someone could explain it to me better that would be great.

    3.) I've also heard people say that a distorted reality is now a neccessity to be free and I would like to have that one be explained

    4.) Also I dont know if anyone has read the American book of the dead but on like the last page it talks about the earth coicidence control office or something and i was wondering if anyone knew more about that or believed in that.

    guess these didnt turn out to be questions but thanks for any help
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