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Comments on Two Kinds of Enlightenment

Last post 10-26-2021, 7:46 PM by jondavi. 1 replies.
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  •  10-26-2021, 7:08 PM 30692

    Comments on Two Kinds of Enlightenment

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  •  10-26-2021, 7:46 PM 30695 in reply to 30692

    Re: Comments on Two Kinds of Enlightenment

    Terry's presentation describing two kinds of enlightenment helped me to better understand the MGM.

    During the course of his talk, it dawned on me how states can be associated with certain beliefs and how those beliefs can be seen to have universal significance when the state that one is in is experienced and interpreted as complete enlightenment. Perhaps when the translation of such an experience is filtered through my interpretation of reality,  enlightenment from that one horizontal perspective reinforces the belief that this is the way that it should be for everyone.  The subtlety of this illusion only sets me up as the perfect MGM candidate.  Apparently, this could also apply to any other meme whose lines of development,  other than the spiritual line, might be underdevelped. 

    When one comes to know oneself as soul, one critical question is:  at what level of soul is one identified and how can we distinguish between the subtle, the causal, and the supercausal, especially when it comes to recognizing the qualifications of those who presume to be spiritual masters?

    Thanks, Terry, for a well-structured presentation on the two kinds of enlightenment.

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