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"In God's Name," A CBS Special

Last post 12-23-2007, 9:59 AM by ambosuno. 1 replies.
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  •  12-22-2007, 10:25 AM 34563

    "In God's Name," A CBS Special

    "In God's Name" A CBS Special Sunday Dec 23 9-11pm (E)

    In God's Name, a CBS primetime special will explore the
    complex questions of our time through the intimate thoughts
    and beliefs of 12 of the world's most influential spiritual
    leaders.  The two-hour special will be broadcast Sunday,
    Dec. 23 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network
    (USA).  We chose these 12 leaders because of the vast number
    of believers . more than four billion . that their faiths
    represents said Gedeon Naudet. We also wanted to explore the
    diversity of spirituality in our world today, said
    filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet return to the network
    with their first project since the multiple award-winning
    film  9/11 The program marks the first time that this
    distinct group of leaders has appeared in one broadcast.
    Viewers will see them in intimate settings, including their
    homes and personal places of worship.  Ultimately, through
    the eyes of these 12 very different religious figures, the
    filmmakers discover the common ground among believers around
    the world.

    The 12 leaders featured in this special are:

    Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi), a Hindu spiritual leader

    Alexei II, Patriarch of Moscow and head of the
    Russian Orthodox Church

    Pope Benedict XVI, head of the Roman Catholic Church

    The Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso), spiritual leader of
    Tibetan Buddhists

    Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah, a prominent
    Shi¡Çite Muslim leader

    Bishop Mark Hanson, Presiding Bishop of the
    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and President
    of the Lutheran World Federation

    Michihisa Kitashirakawa, Jingu Daiguji (High Priest)
    of the Shinto Grand Shrine of Ise

    Yona Metzger, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel

    Dr. Frank Page, President of the Southern Baptist

    Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, Sheikh of Al-Azhar and a
    prominent Sunni Muslim leader

    Joginder Singh Vedanti, Jathedar of the Akal Takht,
    the Sikhs¡Ç highest authority

    Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and
    head of the Church of England

    The yoga of light and sound is really only one event. It's the frequency of their vibrations that is different.

  •  12-23-2007, 9:59 AM 34642 in reply to 34563

    Re: "In God's Name," A CBS Special

    Hi, Jondavi - I like the meta message that I imagine will be conveyed, that there are many religious differences and therefore points of view around the world. Each point of view of the twelve (each of which of course tries to represent under one label the myriads of simmering pot of variations and common affiliations and disagreements) will probably increase the amount of general respect to others around the world from the simple volume of these views and presentations of apparent sincerity and caring.

    I don't have TV so I'll miss it.  Though it would probably be good for my education and bring me some increased degree of reality of the territory, I feel a cynicism. I feel a little put off by some of what I imagine I would have to see. As to the individuals speaking I would enter with some biases and it would be interesting to see if I'm surprised. Though I don't know the format of speaking or interviewing these heads of religious states, I imagine for some of them a surfacey, glossy, well crafted schpiel and agenda opportunity that presents a fine somewhat predictable face for their religion, perhaps along with some mandatory call for tolerance, peaceful respect, more unity, and acknowledgement of the One God as though that brings commonality, and I would feel that as tedious. I imagine the pomp that I associate with some of the religious worshippings and the habitual falsity even in the habitually smooth, well-modulated voices and ideas of powerful leaders. Showtime.

    I suppose that these clearly are my biases and cynicism. I feel a tug between curiosity and nausea, with a dash of hope for the meta-effect. Maybe I should find a TV so that I can see my shadowy judgements cast and feel my emotion laden flipflops of appreciation and awe of various sorts, swinging back and forth to and from my habitual disgust and contempt.

    The format will make a big difference. If there is an interviewer asking questions, conversing with, that will be interesting and important for the program. If they are using approved footage to romance the points of view or not, that will be interesting. Editing, of course is huge. It will probably be stitched together in a feel-good, meta message kind of way. This is around Christmas time, which is an interesting time to have this presented to the US and maybe more abroad.

    I expect that some of these people (Other than Amma, are any of them women?) will manifest less or no subtle pomp. The Dalai Lama, for me, usually feels more fresh and real, though even he maybe can't help rolling down well-worn grooves.

    Yeah, I find myself a little curious. Thanks for posting this, J. ambo

    Ambo Suno
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