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1p, 2p, 3p, 4p, 5p, 6p...

Last post 05-26-2021, 8:36 PM by MarkL4. 0 replies.
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    1p, 2p, 3p, 4p, 5p, 6p...

    So I was engaged in some extended navel-gazing today:
    • 1p - just me, my way, my truth, me, me, me
    • 2p - me and other, me and not me, not my truth, authority's truth, the truth of other, must fit in with other, my group, my relationship to my group
    • 3p - more others; me my group and other groups; a truth besides me and my others, my group; a truth independent of all groups; the independent truth, and it can be found
    • 4p - everyone, every group has its own "the independent truth". There is no one truth. There is no truth. Nothing can be done.
    • 5p - let's take all those "the independent truths", even if everyone has their own, and see if we can make some sense here if we put them all on the table together
    • 5p++? - Yes, everyone will have their own opinion about how to assemble all those "the independent truths", we still have to interpret them and try and understand them from our own perspective, we're going to disagree when we do that about what it all means...
    • 6p - We've put it all on the table, and there do seem to be patterns that explain so much... I feel like I can embrace everything, take into account anything... But, is this more of the same? Just another voice in the dark with a slightly better map? Oh... A map of what... Hmm.....

    Your turn! I feel like I was starting to lose it around 5p. What's your interpretation? How would you describe the levels/colors/increasing perspectives? Would you insert or delete anything and number them differently? 7p? 8p? Anyone?

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