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Quiet Integral

Last post 09-03-2006, 12:36 AM by mcfarlin. 0 replies.
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    Quiet Integral

    No "boom"! No boomeritis, no colors, no chaos, clear and concise language  - It's Frances Vaughan! I got The Inward Arc last week and she's answering my questions. I'm only on chapter 2.

    Pre-trans fallacy definition not boomeritized out? Page 31.

    It was a circuitous route though. It took me over a year to find her. From ILP to Ken Wilber - David Deida (Sophia recommended him and I think she's fab. But, Deida is scary. He reminds me of one of those baboons that raid sleeping villages at night) - to Roger Walsh because I wasn't happy with his presentation at my ILP so wondered what I may have missed - to Frances Vaughn (marriage does that to people).

    The trick for I-I and those wishing to expand the concept without losing the continuity - is to identify which integral writers resonate with which personalities and link them up.

    Who resonates with whom on the Integral scene and why? I'm curious.


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