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Rise up Latin America

Last post 12-03-2021, 4:20 AM by desrice. 6 replies.
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  •  09-17-2021, 12:04 PM 8166

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    Rise up Latin America

    Hi everybody,

    I would love to see people from all Latin American countries jumping in the integral train !! It would be a great way to start raising the level of awareness in this part of the world. There are countless social, political and economical problems ( in fact in all facets of human endeavor) that could benefit from a more complete view of the current landscape. It would generate creative solutions and useful dialogue.

    There's is so much life and passion in Latin America ... it gives me chills to envision the possibility of harnessing all this energy and give it integral venues to express itself. Amazing!!

    Originalmente vengo de Ecuador, pero estoy abierto a bien-venir y a ver-venir a cualquier persona Latino-americana o de habla Hispana que desee informarse un poco mas acerca de temas integrales.

    Welcome, Bienvenidos

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  •  12-06-2021, 11:59 AM 16011 in reply to 8166

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    Re: Rise up Latin America

    Hola mi nombre es Samuel, hay alguna comunidad integral en Mexico, DF. Gracias
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  •  03-02-2021, 6:15 PM 19929 in reply to 8166

    Re: Rise up Latin America

    I am Glad to find some Latin American brothers here at I-I, and surely hope this community will grow. Latin America is so much in need for a transformation to harness its greatest identity, and the integral approach is so useful for our countries to get to know their weaknesses and overcome them in order to reach their potential. There's so much magic, love, spirituality, humor and richness (in resources and people) in our land, that once we overcome the historic obstacles (poverty, education, self steem) and we reach our potential, we might become a powerful voice in the world transformation, and a great source of positive energy to our beloved world. Let´s work together and spread the word!

    Me alegra encontrar algunos hermanos Latino Americanos aquí en I-I, y ciertamente espero que esta comunidad crezca. Latino America esta tan necesitada de una transformación para alcanzar su más grande identidad y el enfoque integral es tan apto para nuestros paises para que lleguen a conocer sus debilidades y superarlas para que puedan alcanzar su potencial. Hay tanta magia, amor, espiritualidad, humor y riqueza (en recursos y gente) en nuestra tierra, que una vez que hayamos superado los obstaculos historicos (pobreza, educación, autoestima) y alcancemos nuestro potencial, podríamos convertirnos en una voz poderosa en la transformación mundial y una gran fuente de energía positiva para nuestro amado planeta. ¡Trabajemos juntos y pasemos la voz!

    Mi nombre es Mauricio, vivo en Querétaro, México y estoy muy entusiasmado con el enfoque integral. Estoy dispuesto a participar en la formación de un capítulo Latino Americano / Méxicano de Integral Institute, así que pongámonos de acuerdo y trabajemos en la expansión de esta visión. Cuenten conmigo.

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  •  03-03-2021, 7:09 PM 19997 in reply to 19929

    Re: Rise up Latin America

    hola! mauricio,

    soy uno do los hermanos suyos de la america nortenya. me gusta la opportunidad esta de practicar mi castellano pobre. ya he tenido la placer de leer una cuenta por andres (aorte132) acerca de la reunion de ken wilber y traleg rinpoche en la ciudad de nueva york el anyo pasado. espero que ustedes comienzen una charla latina integral, asi que pueda yo empezar de entenderme del estado de integral en america latina.

    bien venidos,


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  •  11-01-2021, 6:13 PM 31052 in reply to 8166

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    Re: Rise up Latin America

    In process of rising up with my colleagues, I am originally american, & at 61 loving living in Curitiba Paraná Brasil with a permanent commitment.  I have a fascinating work practice with Fiep - Federação dos Industrias do Estado do Paraná - each of Brazil's 23 states has a similar structure.  For the last 4 years I have been working on contract to comprehend & understand enough of this business culture, to diagnose & design points of entry for helping make more awareness about the benefits of forming & working within a process-based business environment seeking higher performance as we explore the benefits of industrial democracy.  Brazilians are a marvelous breed, full of energy, creativity, with a value focus in human relationships, especially family.  This is one of the strongest reasons I am making this my permanent home.  Conformism is strong in this particular business culture, & for me at this time in my life offers a new kind of opportunity to explore progress differently than I experienced in the US for the first 30 years of my career as an integrated change management consultant specializing in organizational redesign based in best practice industrial democracy.  I believe Ken Wilber is right in his thoughts about the southern hemisphere having lived 300 years of oppression while the northern hemisphere lived 300 years in progressive freedom as they developed what we know today as best integral life practice.  My brazilian colleagues are learning fast & coming upon their own cultural/social/systemic/personal tranformations with a radically different attitude than my experience with our northern hemisphere counterparts.  Is it possible to transcend some of the dominant downside consequences of too much mental masturbation in relationship with the Great Green ^Meme? (This question comes from my personal voice of frustration with too much arrogant US bias, rather than more functional world view, Green-Orange, liberal-conservative, Democrat-Republican civil war!  Again, I think Ken's analysis of this is brilliant!)  I hope transcendence is more feasible in latin america, because I am investing my time, energy, & creative collaborative zeal to find out.  Fiep has 6500 micro-to-medium sized business members within 23 different industrial sectors within the state of Paraná in south Brazil, majorly funded by a federally mandated 2.5% annual tax of operating labor expense from each of its business members.  The owners of the businesses have grown increasingly restless about the true benefits they receive from this significant tax. Fiep's newly reelected president has vowed & is truly committed to continue to improve this reality. This structure offers some very interesting possibilities to combine interests in growing more productive successful exportation business, while simultaneously increasing individual & collective profits from actualized individual business awareness, while simultaneously developing sustainable social-environmental improvements, which includes raising the collective quality of life of our network of collaborators - sound familiar: AQAL?.  Our conformistic challenges to emerge from a strongly beaurocratic history are formidable, but is matched with our potential to transcend bottlenecks & barriers with a more holistic combination of heart & mind compared to my experience in a more mentally biased US.  This is strong enough for me that I am sufficiently committed to invest in helping resolve these challenges.  & we need help from the integral practice community of latin america.  Where are you, what is happening in your part of the continent, & how can we help each other?

    Respectfully very curious, John Duncan

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  •  12-02-2021, 11:29 PM 32969 in reply to 19929

    Re: Rise up Latin America

    Hello I-I friends,  these are exciting times to begin our dialogue with an integral vision. I am sure many possibilities are out there we can grasp and put to work. I believe this forum for LatinAmericans will derive in extraordinary outcomes once we get a critical mass get going. For now, from I can see, there is Mauricio, Samuel, Rafael, ND, John and I willing to step up towards this journey, (is there someone out there who wants to join us?). Bilingual is ok with me but most of my friends here in Mexico are shy to write in English, perhaps we can fill in the blanks for them. In any case, I am promoting I-I membership in my community and hopefully reach the "us" stage in my state/region/country, or should I say the "all of us" stage. The idea of building a Chapter (as Mauricio suggests) is a good one and needs to be thought how to make it work. Does anyone know how can we contact I-I fellows living in LatinAmerica or living elsewhere in the world but interested in LA? does it matter? Anyway, it is my intention to move on and reach out.

    My name is Jaime Navarro and currently live in Ajijic, Jalisco. I am in the design stage to begin my dream project: MultiversityMex, at Ajijic Campus in Lake Chapala. I am a former educator and former director at the Monterrey Tech´s business school in Guadalajara and now I am an entrepreneur founding and seeking supporters for this project, an open space for integral studies in business, healing, agriculture and eco-tourism in Mexico. I would like to hear about your integral projects, perhaps we can learn from each other.


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  •  12-03-2021, 4:20 AM 32980 in reply to 8166

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    Re: Rise up Latin America

    Hello from Belfast, N Ireland,

    I lived in El Salvador for 4 years from 1974-78 and have wonderful memories of the country and the people.Indeed my 2 oldest kids were born in El Salvador (son Guanacos!), and I am in regular touch with many friends there. I love the family values, sense of camaraderie, ambience of fiestas and true friendship that I experience in latin America.Todavia puedo comunicarme en espanol pero seria mejor escribir aqui en ingles, creo yo.

    You may be aware that Fred Kofman, a founder member of II and an amazing proponent of Integral businesss, was born in and studied in Argentina, so it may be possible to involve him in your dream. His business is at .

    One particular experience that I have of of latin America, as a generalisation, is that there is a culture of: believing that when things don't work out it can be resolved by declaring it  as "god's will". I find that this can be very limiting.

    Now from a perspective of "acceptance of what is happening in the moment", this can be a very effective tool, and inded one with which I feel comfortable. However, it occurs to me like it is used in the more perniscious and self-limiting way which  was taught to me in Catholic schools in Ireland. By this I mean that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of self-limitation. When used this way, it creates a culture of victimization for individuals, families, communities, socities and nations. "It is god's will", if used to look into the future, justifies inaction ans self-imposed incompetence.

    In Integral terms if "we" have a culture of victimization then it is more likely that "I" will not believe in my ability nor prepare mysel to ensure that I have the skills and competencies to make progress, nor will I become unstoppable in ensuring that the "it" world has the necessary infrastructure for national success.

    In such a world, we become "victims" rather than "players", as Fred Kofman would put it, and can become involved in self preservation and greed.

    So, applying an Integral approach to an analysis of latin americas poverty problems would in my opinion be amazingly useful.

    buena suerte con su esperanca de formar un grupo I-I para la communidad Latino Americano,


    Dr Des Rice
    Executive and Life Coach,
    29 Ravenhill Park,
    Belfast BT60DE
    Tel 00442890598381
    E- mail [email protected]
    skype desrice130
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