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Feedback on Holosync

Last post 10-18-2022, 11:13 AM by johndupuy. 64 replies.
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  •  08-24-2022, 3:57 PM 5235 in reply to 3932

    Re: Feedback on Holosync

    So glad to hear from other Holosync users!

    I've been using Holosync for about a year now. It has definitely increased my witnessing capacity. It also help considerably with my shadow work, as it seems to "bring up stuff" in a way that makes it easier to deal with.

    I've also experimented with deeper carrier frequencies. They usually help bring me into an intense state of concentration. I usually start to go into overload ("over my threshold," as Bill calls it) after a few days of this and I back off to process the experience. Dream witnessing is common at these times... also a few brief blasts of deep sleep witnessing. I'm not at the "nothing bothers me" stage yet, but I'm a heck of a lot closer than I was a year ago.

    For my part, Centerpointe's advertising never bothered me. I guess I feel pretty at home with conventional values systems. I don't think they're pushing material acquisition, they're just saying, "If you want to achieve this, we can help you." That said, they don't have the most cerebral perspective in the world. ("Anything is possible! Yaaayy!!") And their "mounds of scientific evidence" don't hold up as well as I would like. Reminds me of the "Mind Cure" movement that William James talked about in his Varieties of Religious Experience. Good if you take it as an affirmation of your own efficacy but problematic if you treat it as a literally valid theory.

    Anyway, overall I give it an A+. Great stuff!


  •  08-24-2022, 3:58 PM 5239 in reply to 5229

    Re: Feedback on Holosync

    As for the customer service - it is unfortunate  that some have had a problem there.  They have been very quick to respond and quite kind when I have called.  Though I only buy a level at a time.  I can definately see how it may be annoying, but I would wonder why they would be so hesitant to hold back.  I thought they disclosed up front that they would not send all at once so that you would not run off and listen to them all with in a month.  Supposedly - this could cause great bliss and yet huge pitfalls and breakdowns as well. Never wanted to buy that far ahead since it was always in the back of my head 0 what if they go out of business before I get my product? (which may be why you wanted it all at once)  If ya bought it, wanted it, though - they should have just given it since, well, it IS yours?!?!

    Hmm...must ask Feral about this.  But it does seem quite patronizing if that's the real motivation.  By the same logic, shouldn't pharmacies dispense one pill at a time?  Part of someone's motivation to buy all the CD's at once might be that the company might fold or something before they got through the whole set.  It does seem reasonable to get what you paid for, up front.


    Arthur Gillard is managing editor of (supported by donation/sponsorship) and is available for freelance editorial, writing, and other assignments.


    "You've never seen everything." - Bruce Cockburn
  •  08-24-2022, 5:47 PM 5257 in reply to 3932

    Re: Feedback on Holosync


    I can ALWAYS talk (or type) volumes, but I will try to be to the point:

    0.  This is my first post here at Integral Institute.  I have been a "paying member" of Integral Naked for over a year, but just decided to shell out some more money to support the cause this past weekend.

    1.  I started using Holosync about, oh, a year and a half ago?  Not sure, but I went through the Awakening and Level 1 CD's, decided it seemed to work as a "method" for me, but that I couldn't afford it.  From the beginning, I have ALWAYS experienced a "hand thing," where my hands just sort of get very tingly, feel swollen, or feel like they completely disappear.  When a session is over, they feel perfectly normal--not at all as if your arm has fallen asleep.  Weird.  I did seem to go through a huge lucid sleep? period complete with recurring dreams involving lots of stairs, angry dogs, and only being able to pull myself along on the ground with my arms while dragging my useless legs.  Lots of of yelling to wake up my body, etc, etc. Hmmm...

    2.  I tried some available software for creating binaural beats, namely SBAGEN, and BWGEN, but I just didn't like their output or their ease-of-use.

    3.  I was trying to learn Smalltalk on the Open Source Squeak platform, so I decided to write my own Binaural beat generator.

    4.  That worked, so I was left with the task of deciding what sequence I wanted to follow!  I chose a model that would be about a 7 year exponential carrier frequecy drop from about 120 Hz to 8-ish Hz (I mean, who KNOWS what I'll feel like 6 years from now!!!).  I call this carrier frequency my "Major Level"...

    5. for the "Minor Levels," or beat frequecy drops (equivalent to a Holosync CD change between levels),  I felt like experimenting a little.  I thought that if our "being" is a constant state of ascention and decention along our line of self development, which roughly corresponds to these great states of waking, dreaming, and deep formless sleep, that it would be interesting to include some higher frequencies than Centerpointe uses by staying in the delta state for all levels.

    6.  With that said, I chose to "decend" (again, exponentially), from 7.8 Hz (just couldn't resist the chance to give that Schumann Resonance frequency a shot!) down to the Holosync "final" frequency of 0.3 Hz, spending about a month at each frequency (so the progression is something like 7.83, 4.55, 2.64, 1.53, 0.89, 0.52, 0.30).  This is unlike the Holosync Decent of 2.0, 1.0, 0.5, 0.3.  For the actual session, I "stairstep" down from 10Hz to the final target over 20 minutes in 2.5 minute intervals, stay at the target for 10 minutes (for a 30 minute session) or 40 minutes (for a 60 minute session), than slide back up to 10 Hz over 5 minutes just to keep from feeling so out of it.  My wife always said I looked like I just got hit by a bus when I got off the cushion. much for eyes open alert meditation.  But hey, that's what every moment of every day is for, right?!

    7.  I found that I had an extraordinary burst of creativity during the theta-ish months of 7.83 and 4.55 Hz.  My sessions spent "sitting on the cushion" were basically problem solving sessions.  I did a tremendous amount of computer programming, and did not pay much attention to "sharpening my attention to a fine point" and being here NOW. Then, when I moved down to delta, I quieted down and became more interested in interior stuff again, the philosophy books came back out in a stack beside my bed, etc...  I am curious to see if the cycle repeats itself next time around.

    8.  So here I am.  In May of 2022 I had just gotten out of the Army after having been a medic with the 75th Ranger Regiment for almost 8 years.  I was at the end of my rope.  I was chemically addicted to the Rage present in that environment and created situations to feel comfortable in.  This led to all sorts of interesting road rage scenarios and domestic verbal explosions.  Now, for some reason, the time gap between when my body-mind lashes out and I realize it is happening is much, much shorter.  Binaural beats?  Beats me, but I like doing it anyway...

    9.  My final command on a Smalltalk system to create a new level looks something like:

        BinauralProgram writeLevel: 13.2.

    where 13 would be the "Major Level" (carrier frequency), and the 2 would be the "Minor Level" (beat frequency).  I use the same old gurgling creek background sound all the time, but it doesn't seem to bother me.  If you are interested in playing with it, let me know.  I'm no good at all with Sqeak, or packages, or anything like that--I just got lucky and had some help from the Squeak community--but I'm sure we could figure out how to share!  I use Jim Peters' BAVSA to test my output and make sure I generated the beats I want.

    10.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share!  I've been wondering if anyone would find this interesting.

    Guess I wasn't brief after all.  Take care,


  •  08-26-2022, 6:31 PM 5521 in reply to 5239

    Re: Feedback on Holosync

    From what I understand there are a couple of reasons for Centerpointe not letting people order the whole program all at once. The first one is indeed the "patronizing one", ie fearing that the consumers are irresponsible and will rush through the program and severely overload their nervous systems without getting any benefits. The second reason (I suspect) is related to the CD's being custom made with the option to add your personal silent affirmations. Centerpointe would be swamped with people wanting to exchange their CD's in order to remove/add/exchange their affirmations, had they been allowed to order all thirteen levels day one.

    I can't say I'm thrilled about their policy, but I do accept the rationale behind it (many people cannot follow simple instructions, not that this applies to any of us IN or I-I members ;)).


  •  08-27-2022, 7:48 PM 5618 in reply to 5521

    Re: Feedback on Holosync

    You all rock!!  That last entry made me smile!  and yes...  I did find what you were doing to be quite interesting...  I will have to contact you for further details - or perhaps we could start a further thread (or continue on this one) if all involved wanted to remain so. 

    I am interested in how you got a babbling brook in the background...  I loce the rain sounds on holosync and was even toying with using actual music - wondered though if I would have to equate for the tones so that the freq. were not messed up and the effect lost or lessended.

    What do you think?


  •  08-30-2022, 4:52 PM 6046 in reply to 5618

    Re: Feedback on Holosync

    I have been using the Holosync program for about 2 months now, and am not sure I notice a difference, although I have to admit that I haven’t been that faithful in the last month. I invested in both it and the ILP package immediately after returning from doing an IWET weekend, and I am curious to hear how others are using both, and what they are getting out of them.

    The biggest complaint I have with the Holosync program is as someone else mentioned, it takes a full hour to go through the two basic meditations. I find that I have little luck with meditation in the evening, and an hour in the morning is tough.

    I am particularly curious about how others are using Big Mind, and if there are ways to integrate it with Holosync. From what I recall of the Big Mind instructions, it said it could be used with other forms of meditation, so it shouldn’t be considered “cheating” to try it with other things.

    P.S. Hope this doesn't show up twice. Wrote it once and then apparently lost it while looking at my profile and figuring out how to use my avatar. Is it showing up at all?

    Michael Figg
    Columbus, Ohio
  •  08-31-2022, 8:25 PM 6250 in reply to 6046

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    Re: Feedback on Holosync

    I think the instructions say you can recite a mantra or do contemplation, so Big Mind exercises should be fine.  I received an e-mail from support stating I could lie down while listening to Holosynch.

    This is totally unrelated, but check out EMDR!  Could it be that the binaural beats are creating a distraction much the same way that eye movements are used in EMDR?  ...gonna start doing tonglen with holosynch.  Can't hurt, can it?
  •  12-29-2022, 3:52 PM 17341 in reply to 6250

    Holosync Tried to Kill my Left Eardrum!

    I must pipe in with my own holosync experience.

    At the point where I stopped using holosync, I was at the beginning of awakening level 1.

    The reason why I stopped was because I was under the impression that it was doing damage to my left ear-drum. Let me explain how I came to this conclusion:

    I had no problems during Awakening Prologue - but the trouble with my ear started when I began the new set (Awakening Level 1) that used the Silent Affirmations. Over the course of a few months of daily use, my left ear started feeling like there was water in it. (You know the feeling, right?) While I was listening to the cd, my ear would do this popping-squeeking thing. After a month or two - I became very sensitive to certain tones. For example, I'd be sitting in a room, reading, and the phone would ring. As this happened I would feel a loud tone ring out in my ear and tear through my head. I imagine this would be what a dog would experience if you snuck up behind it and blew a powerful whistle directly into its ear. People with shrill voices would have this effect, as well as my alarm clock, and almost any type of ringing sound, even very quite ones.

    I called up their "customer service" team, and after about a week of calling, daily, I finally got ahold of a rep (as opposed to being automatically forwarded to their sales department after the phone rings three times). I spoke with the lady, who claimed that she "thought I had a negative attitude" and told me that what was happening to my ear was normal, a lot of people reported it, and not to worry about it. I requested that they re-issue me the same cd, but one without the silent affirmations, and she told me I would need to re-purchase to do this.

    That was a couple years ago, and I havn't used holosync once since then. I still have a sour taste in my mouth, and occasionally my ear still explodes whenever the phone rings, causing pain inside my head. The frequency of this has declined drastically after about 1.5 years - joy.

    Now - this next part is coming from my upper left, and does not necessarily represent the opinion of our sponsor, reality. I think its still worth saying:

    Centerpointe Research Institute does not do any research, to the best of my knowledge. Their technology is recycled, and is based off of research that was done decades ago. Their marketing strategies are dishonest. For example - their company is called Centerpointe *Research* Institute. For another example, they have a mail-out claiming that you *must try* this brand new state of the art 3D sound technology that they just got their hands on. They have been using that same mail-out for many years now. Either they are not experiencing time from the frame of reference that the rest of humanity does, or they are lying. Harmless dishonesty, perhaps. But that type of behavior destroys trust. I have heard from several other sources online (particularly the Learning Strategies forums) that Bill Harris has a marketing background, marketing is what he was trained to do. He acquires technology from other sources, puts a ribbon on it, and markets the hell out of it, using deliberately dishonest tactics. If I am seeing it clearly here (and I may not be), is centerpointe operating from a sick orange values system?

    To be fair (and integral) though, looking at just the technology, I do believe that it was having a positive effect while I was using it. (Despite the disgusting methods used to sell it, for a disgusting price, I might add.) If I had not have had that trouble with my ear (or if they had have re-issued me a new set w/out the affirmations) then I would probably still be using it today. However, after my experience with them, I will never consider giving centerpointe another dime. Not even if they were selling the last pair of snowshoes right after hell froze over.

    "I have heard Wilber say Spirit is nowhere to be found cause its everywhere found. I guess Spirit is in that one cup."
    -Bill Killburg
  •  12-30-2022, 8:08 AM 17359 in reply to 17341

    Re: Feedback on Holosync

    Hi livingegg,

    Please don't change the name of the thread, it is confusing.

    I am very sorry to hear about your ear problems. It sounds very much like a medical problem, that may or may not be related to you using Holosync. Did you go and see a doctor when the symptoms first arose?
    It could very well be a side effect of using Holosync, some sort of symptom related to energetic clearing, and the best thing in that case (after having seen a doctor) would probably have been to continue using the CD's to push through the blockage. Unfortunately I do not know of any effective tool for selv-development that comes without potential side effects. Psychotherapy, yoga, deep meditation, weight lifting, etc etc can all have unwanted side effects.

    I agree with you that Centerpointe uses very orange marketing strategies. I'm fine with this, since they are operating in a predominantly orange world, and they would not reach very many people if they tried to use marketing that only appealed to integral folks. Meddling with the truth is something I am not fine with however, and they would be better off calling themselves The Centerpointe Institute instead of Centerpointe Research Institute since they do fairly little research as far as I know and only in collaboration with external researchers. Personally I haven't seen any dishonesties in the material I have received from Holosync, but if there are half-truths in there as you say - then they obviously have to go as well in order to preserve trust.


    I have heard from several other sources online (particularly the Learning Strategies forums) that Bill Harris has a marketing background, marketing is what he was trained to do. He acquires technology from other sources, puts a ribbon on it, and markets the hell out of it, using deliberately dishonest tactics. If I am seeing it clearly here (and I may not be), is centerpointe operating from a sick orange values system?

    I think you have to recheck your sources on this. Bill Harris has been very open about when and how he learnt marketing. He did not have any marketing skills when starting Centerpointe, his background was in traditional meditation, yoga, neurolinguistic programming, eastern philosophy and such. After some time of selling Holosync through Centerpointe he realized that he needed to learn about marketing if he wanted his company to grow and prosper. So he contacted brothers Brad and Alan Antin who are professional marketing experts, and through several years of collaboration Harris learnt the tricks of the trade. And Holosync was actually an original idea by Bill Harris in the sense that the progressive lowering of carrier frequencies was a new thing. Binaural beats of course were far from a new thing.

    Best wishes,

  •  12-31-2022, 9:29 PM 17489 in reply to 17359

    Re: Feedback on Holosync


    I never went to see a doctor about my ear. I can't say for sure if it was a result of holosync - but it seemed to me that there was a pretty direct relationship, whatever that might have been. I may be open to the explanation you gave about energetic healing - but the sad fact of that matter is that unlike having a knowledgeable yoga instructor with whom I could discuss that kind of think, I really had no trust whatsoever in the holosync customer service rep who I got to speak to. Despite the fact that she told me it was common, and not to worry about it, my gut told me that it was bad news.

    My sources on Bill Harris were sketchy to begin with, and I don't put a lot of faith in the validity of those sources. You might indeed be correct in your assertion of him. I was under the impression that the progressive lowering of the carrier frequencies was his invention (kudos to Bill for that one!) - and that is indeed the one thing that seems to set holosync apart from something like hemisync, and it is also the factor I have heard used to justify their outrageous prices.

    I tried falling asleep to holosync (the first cd of awakening level 1) last night and it worked like a charm - no trouble with my ear either. I'm going to continue to use the tracks to fall alseep, and i'll report back about whether the thing with my ear starts to happen again.



    "I have heard Wilber say Spirit is nowhere to be found cause its everywhere found. I guess Spirit is in that one cup."
    -Bill Killburg
  •  01-01-2022, 6:41 AM 17511 in reply to 17489

    Re: Feedback on Holosync

    I have been using Holosync Awakening Prologue since August 2022. As I write I am listening to Quitetude and Oasis, two bonus CDs. I have had a ringing in my ear for years, and it is a medical condition. Someone once even told me that it was Angels singing to me (folklore). I find the CDs to be relaxing. I am a traditionists when it comes to meditation and use other techniques. Meditation and hypnosis are very closely akin, and sometimes even meditation offers a hypnotic trance. Let what is, be. Don't try to interpret or diagnose everything to the nth degree. Just be. Be Silent, and Know that I AM and YOU ARE.
    33° 13' N 87° 37' W
  •  01-01-2022, 8:51 AM 17519 in reply to 17489

    Re: Feedback on Holosync


    I'm glad you're giving the CD's another chance. Let us know what happens. My personal opinion is that you should still go and see an ear specialist, even if it's been a year and a half. But obviously it's your call, sometimes I just can't help myself from giving advice.

  •  01-26-2022, 3:54 PM 18701 in reply to 17519

    Re: Feedback on Holosync

    As an alternative, has anyone tried this brain/mind machine? I have been using it and have experienced some nice results.



  •  01-26-2022, 3:59 PM 18703 in reply to 18701

    Re: Feedback on Holosync

    Hi Dan,

    No, I haven't tried it. What long/short-term results have you noticed?

  •  01-27-2022, 3:36 AM 18716 in reply to 18703

    Re: Feedback on Holosync


      I've been using it for 1 month, not long enough to give it a full report. So far however, I have noticed immediate short term benefits after use. Although the induced states are not profound, I can feel a difference in my state of mind being more calm and at times a heightened clarity of the senses. It will take longer to report more long term effects. I use it on my kids too (the high end beta programs are great to cognitive stimulation). Here's more info. It's PR  for a comapny, but still contains some information about the system.




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