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my i l p

Last post 17 hours, 0 minutes ago by fairyfaye. 446 replies.
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  •  08-22-2021, 9:29 AM 4943

    my i l p

    since the ilp-ny seminar in may, have added daily/morning sitting meditation to my practice ... and i just don't know how i ever ever existed without it ... even tho i haven't settled into any particular method, just sitting still no matter what is occuring in the mind creates a peaceful refreshening 

    lately there has been an expanding in the heart occuring where it's almost a physical feeling of spaciousness increasing

    so this added to the weekly practice of moving meditation where the body well hey sat chit ananda !!! , yoga, stairclimbing,walking,journal-writing ... and of course ... xxxooo ... r e a d i n g

    and as much as possible thru out the day

    e v e r p r e s e n t  a w a r e n e s s . . .

    and l o v e . . .

    and what has been brewing inside ... sweet service ... have offered myself as a volunteer in palliative care and the education program starts in september and they have accepted a fool like me ... and nothing fascinates me more (almost) than that fine line between life and death of physicality ...

    and tonite am attending an integral salon for the second time and can't wait to hear all about edith's experience talking with ken during the isc conference call ... way to go edith!




  •  08-23-2021, 11:34 AM 5083 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    and she told me last nite that she is going to the seminar with father thomas keating ... and i exclaimed do if for the world because jesus needs a makeover !

    christ consciousness evolving . . .


  •  08-26-2021, 8:54 AM 5437 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    at the salon, towards the end of our energetic discussion, we got into the science vs religion thing and things got a bit heated ... then we had to end because it was getting late

    but after i left i couldn't stop trying to resolve what it says in "marriage of sense & soul" that science is the exterior of spirit (the right hand quadrants)

    with what it says in "quantum questions" that physics and spirit are in two very different dimensions between which there can be neither conflict nor accord any more than there can be between botany and music

    and finally today i got it during my sitting meditation

    and the resolution is so simple u will say i could have told u that! ... its the two truths doctrine ... the two realities .. the manifest realm (in which the 4Qs or the 8 perspectives reside) vs ultimate reality


  •  08-29-2021, 12:38 PM 5813 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    well i heard that the reality show survivor is having the teams divided into four races (white, african american, hispanic and oriental) ... and my first thought is that hurray we have evolved to the point where we can freely ackowledge our differences in the same way as if the teams were divided into blondes, brunettes, redheads and jetblack heads playing a friendly game of life

    but then when i told a certain 18year old that i know and love, about mark burnett's latest scheme, she became outraged saying do u know how many times i have seen kids at my school bullied because of their race ??

    oh oh better allow myself to see more perspectives than my spontaneous idealistic one ...


  •  08-30-2021, 12:25 PM 5971 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    i had taken a new little flower hardcover notebook with me to the ilp seminar ... and the first thing written in it is from diane's opening ...

    that 'every moment' is 'practice' ... totally trust that every thing that happens in your life is another opportunity to expand ... and that the moments of contracting are the welcome moments because they are the ones which offer the potential of growth

    i luv u diane




  •  09-02-2021, 1:26 PM 6547 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    last nite finished reading st teresa of avila's the interior castle

    "god and the soul rejoice in each other in the deepest silence"


  •  09-05-2021, 1:35 PM 6851 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    spent most of the long-weekend out on the balcony with sweet blue skies, reading 'integral spirituality'

    and just like with any other kenbook, it happens again .. where riding along the wisdom of the common-sense approach to it all (quadratic co-emergent tetra-arisings), being suddenly flung into the orgasms of angels

    this time by part of a foreword he wrote for 'eyes of the soul' placed at the end of ch 7

    and in it's simple reading, one hears the most glorious symphony resounding thru spaceless timeless beingness . . .


  •  09-08-2021, 10:22 AM 7290 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    ... that adorable little selfobject driving in her little red car . . . a song coming on the radio that just totally grooves her three bodies .  .  .  the joy bubbling up from the depths .   .   .  

    and she's dancelaughdriving .    .    .    .    it's all toooooo funny !!!

  •  09-09-2021, 12:48 PM 7412 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    the morning standing stretch before the sitting ... how much awareness into it has expanded ... ahhh as the gross body grounds and reaches fingertips high and away ... ahhhh how the sutble extends further and further beyond space and time ... into . . . . . . . .



  •  09-11-2021, 4:28 PM 7601 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    sitting this morning ... fidgetting ... blanket up around shoulders ... hot flash ... blanket dropped ... cool air in thru window .... shiver ... blanket back up ... hot flash ... blanket dropped ... itchy foot ... scratch scratch scratch ... hey it was the itchy left foot that had caused me to bend and scratch in the bookstore that put me eye-to-eye with a brief history that fated day that changed my life ... hot flash ... fidget ... mind whirling ...

    funny thing ... after all that, felt relaxed and refreshed afterwards ... funny how just sitting no matter what, still helps

    see how the selfobject simply adores everybody more than ever today . . . x x x . . . o o o . . . .



  •  09-13-2021, 10:45 AM 7741 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    during her moving meditations, the selfobject after dancing with the silence

    finds herself mustplaying graceland repeatedly, deeply resonating with the vibrating voicetone of the song ... not necessarily the words ... but the way it is sung

    especially . . .

    the mississippi delta was shining like a national guitar ... i am following the river down the highway thru the cradle of the civil war

    and especially . . .

    she comes back to tell me she's gone ... as if i didn't know that ... as if i didn't know my own bed ... a if i never noticed the way she brushed her hair from her forehead

    and she said losing love is like a window in your heart ... everybody sees you're blown apart ... everybody sees the wind blow

    and most especially . . .

    there's a girl in new york city who calls herself a human trampoline ... and sometimes when i'm falling flying or tumbling, i say oh so this is what she means ... she means we're bouncing into graceland

    and i see losing love is like a window in your heart

    * * *

    it's amazing isn't it how the resonance of music stirs the  profoundly deep inside




  •  09-14-2021, 9:45 PM 7877 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    look at how that silly self allows herself to be swept away by the bubbles that tickle and well up and overflow ... one moment there she is and the next she receives a phone call that sends her floating flying laughing

    so easily played like an instrument by the thrills of samsara

    and meanwhile back at the ranch ... that shadow-work must be starting to work ... because a certain someone and a certain other someone ... who's undesirable qualities yuckily used to irrate ... suddenly have an endearingness to them

    looking both of them in the eyes ... seeing not denying parts of myself

    how in the seeing and claiming flows the embracing and releasing . . .



  •  09-15-2021, 5:00 PM 8013 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p


    . . . s o f t l y . . .

  •  09-17-2021, 12:11 AM 8118 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p


    walking gliding sailing thru the park, inhaling the crispness of the late summer evening air, tips of trees transcending green to golden

    out of nowhere a big ruckus overhead, the HONKING of three enormous v's of geese flying south

    suddenly so obvious how the honking and this evening occurs inside of me




  •  09-20-2021, 10:54 AM 8555 in reply to 4943

    Re: my i l p

    last nite at the integral salon, monique did a presentation for us on how she is introducing aqal into her workplace, as a health & wellness facilitator for a local government branch

    great stuff monique !!

    an interesting discussion followed and among the good points brought forth was, that in introducing i.l.p. to senior exec's, languaging is key

    for example, instead of suggesting "meditation" which can have stigma attached to it, phrases like "sit resting with your eyes closed and take a mental break" which is an excellent "stress-reducer" and allows you to "regroup"




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