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integral psychotherapist

Last post 07-03-2021, 4:08 AM by verse. 3 replies.
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  •  06-01-2021, 1:18 PM 23747

    integral psychotherapist

    I am interested is locating an integral therapist to work with in the NorthEast - is there a directory or some such?

    thanks - Brett
  •  06-01-2021, 2:33 PM 23756 in reply to 23747

    Re: integral psychotherapist

    Hello Brett: I don't think we have a directory as yet, but I know someone in MA that I could that NE?  I am in Vancouver, so not sure of lay of land out there...


    P.S.  The integral psychotherapy collective needs to organize itself more...we are still so young...

    Durwin Foster, M.A.
    Doctoral Student, Counselling Psychology Program
    University of British Columbia
    Vancouver, Canada
    [email protected]
  •  06-05-2021, 6:16 AM 24005 in reply to 23756

    Re: integral psychotherapist

    thanks, Durwin

    MA is NE, I'm about 2.5 hours north of Boston - how can I learn about who you have in mind?

  •  07-03-2021, 4:08 AM 25167 in reply to 24005

    Re: integral psychotherapist

    I've been asking this question for a while myself.  I keep on expecting to be able to log onto an Integral Institute page and click the link to the directory.  I guess part of the problem might be the filtering process required.  We can't just have a free for all sign up of self decided integrally informed practitioners can we?   There would probably have to be some sort of certification.  I believe that I saw seals of approval on one page that can be earned by attending classes.

    None the less, I would love to find a list of the therapists in the integral community in the NYC area.

    Devin Martin's Integral Life Practice, Big Brother accounts, Music, Pictures, Video, writing archive and community center
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