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Welcome to the Integral Institute Multiplex Community!  


Welcome to Integral Institute's all-sphere communities. We are delighted that you want to be part of the Integral wave of human emergence, and look forward to seeing how your contribution to "We-Space" can make this community a rich, satisfying experience.

Want to know the basics of Integral?  Here is a great thread to start:

Integral Basics


Here are some recent threads you might want to check out...

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ILP Kit and local practice groups

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The Forums 

General Community Forums

IN Forums (Integral Naked)

ISC Forums (Integral Spiritual Center)

Integral Degree Forums

AQAL Journal Forums (AQAL Journal Homepage): discuss the articles in the new AQAL journal

Regional Community Spaces: find integrally informed members throughout the world discuss the articles in the new AQAL journal

Integral by Topic: forums for affinity groups on a particular interest

Member Resources

Community Basics: The Road Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Start a Local Group

Holons: An integral newsletter


And if you've looked and looked and are still not finding what you're after please let us know.


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There are 5 sites available on the Multiplex: Integral University, Integral Naked, Integral Spiritual Center, Integral Training, and I-I Home. Please visit the Multiplex Page to learn which edition is right for you.


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Recent Additions

  • Nomali Testing the Waters in Sri Lanka
  • Rising Up, by Joe Perez
  • Snow in Boulder
  • Christmas tree in the back yard as the snow falls in Boulder - 12.28
  • Nomali@ISC - 12/22/06 Boulder, Colorado
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