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The Board of Directors of Integral Institute includes Active Board Members and Directorial Advisors. From time to time, Active Members rotate off to become Directorial Advisors, and Advisors rotate on as voting Members.

Active Board Members
Ken Wilber
Samuel Bercholz
Jackson Crittenden

Directorial Advisors
Roger Walsh
Frances Vaughan
Michael Murphy


Executive Committee
Ken Wilber – President, Chief Executive Officer
Huy Lam – Chief Financial Officer
Marco Morelli – Chief Operating Officer
Jeff Salzman – Director of Training
Colin Bigelow – Personal Assistant to Ken Wilber
Rollie Stanich – Managing Editor of Integral Naked

Educational Administration
Bert Parlee – Vice President, Chief of Staff
Lynne Feldman – Vice President for Educational Organization
Sean Esbjorn-Hargens – Vice President for Academic Affairs
Stuart Davis – Vice President for Art and Performance
Forest Jackson – Academic Development Coordinator
Alden Gannon – Director of Technology for Online Education
Mark Binet – Administrative Coordinator for Integral Spiritual Center

Administrative Support
Micki O'Brien Elliott – Human Resources Manager
Kelly Bearer – Executive Assistant
Lauren Brilliante – Accountant
Rikki Fields – Legal Intern

Integral Naked
Ken Wilber – Art Direction, Vision
Rollie Stanich – Managing Editor, Editorial Committee
Ben Wright – Original Art/Design & Photography
Jeff James – Lead Programmer
Paul Salamone – Graphic Design, Writer
Vince Horn – Web Design
Colin Bigelow – Senior Audio Editor, Writer, Editorial Committee
Marco Morelli – Audio Editor, Writer, Editorial Committee
Mark Binet – Video Content Editor, Writer
Corey deVos – Site Reporting, Forum Administrator
Rommel DeLeon – Blogmeister
Annie McQuade – Quality Assurance, Writer
Brandy George – Writer

Integral Training
Jeff Salzman – Director of Training
Bert Parlee – Curriculum Development Manager
Huy Lam – Training Manager
Cindy Lou Golin – Curriculum Development Coordinator, On-Site Staff Manager
Gene Dunaway – On-Site Staff Manager
Jason Digges – Media Coordinator, Audio Production
Clint Fuhs – On-Site Logistics Coordinator
Dustin Diperna – On-Site Support

Audio & Video Production
Jason Digges – Production Manager, Video Editor
Cherilyn Hawrysh – Video Production Director
Emilio Martinez – Senior Video Editor
Oliver Rabinovitch – Video Editor
Dan Allison – Post-production Assistant
Corey deVos – Audio Production, Encoding Services

Art, Design, & Interactive Media
Paul Salamone – Art Director
Pashmina Lalchandani – Lead Interaction Designer
Rommel DeLeon – Flash Designer
Jeff Lohrius – Graphic Designer

Corey deVos – Archives Manager
Jon Geselle – Indexer

Technological Services
Alden Gannon – Lead Web Developer
Alex Rollin – Technical Systems Engineer
Jeff James – Web Developer, System Administrator
Vince Horn – Webmaster,
Eric Miller – Web Designer

Christina Barr – Lead Marketing Advisor
Adam Hansen – Marketing Advisor
Casey Capshaw – Marketing Associate

Local Scene
Stuart Davis – Director of Local Performances and Artistic Events
Mark Binet – Director of Integral Spiritual Center Events
Dustin Diperna – Event Production Coordinator


Office of the President
Ken Wilber – President
Lynne Feldman – Vice Chancellor
Sean Esbjorn-Hargens – Vice Provost, Dean of Academic Affairs
Marco Morelli – Executive Director of Operations
Huy Lam – Executive Director of Finance
Alden Gannon – Executive Director of Technology

Administrative Support
Forest Jackson – Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Willow Pearson – Administrative Director of Pedagogy
Katie Heikkinen – Faculty Relations Manager
Ryan Cone – Member Feedback Coordinator
Nomi Naeem – Librarian

Academic Review Committee
Sean Esbjorn-Hargens – Academic Review Manager, Editor
Forest Jackson – Academic Review Coordinator, Editor
Matt Rentschler – Academic Editor
Cindy Lou Golin – Academic Editor
David Zeitler – Academic Editor

AQAL Journal
Ken Wilber – Editor-In-Chief
Sean Esbjorn-Hargens – Executive Editor
Forest Jackson – Associate Editor

Copy & Line Editing
Katie Heikkinen – Copy Editing Manager
Annie McQuade – Copy Editor, Writer
Rikki Fields – Copy Editor, Writer

Technology Team
Alden Gannon – Lead Web Developer
Pashmina Lalchandani – Lead Interaction Designer
Alex Rollin – Technical Services Manager
Jeff James – Web Development
Ryan Cone – Technical Support & Customer Service
Eric Miller – HTML Developer

Technology & Multimedia Content Partners
Aesthetic Technologies

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