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Faculty: John Forman, Brett Thomas, Bert Parlee, Leo Burke
Ken Wilber will facilitate three half-day sessions

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Leadership for Today’s Organizations

In the last 50 years, businesses and organizations have witnessed the emergence of dozens of diverse, often conflicting approaches to leadership. Today, organizations face an unprecedented complexity of cultures, value systems, motivations and working styles. The leadership strategies we have come to rely on in the past are insufficient to meet these newly emerging challenges. In fact, these partial approaches result in increasingly fragmented organizations characterized by unmotivated people, confused communication and poor performance. We believe that there is another way. To meet today’s challenges, organizational leaders require a comprehensive, multidimensional and adaptive approach to leadership. They require an integral approach.

Integrally informed leaders magnetize an organizational field that inspires a sense of meaning and direction among their people. They become exemplars, able to integrate multiple perspectives into shared values, vision and action. This approach allows the organization to achieve at ever-higher levels while transcending its past limitations. The result is an aligned and adaptive organization characterized by inspired individuals engaged in meaningful – and powerful – action.

As Warren Bennis, a founding member of Integral Institute, puts it, "Becoming an effective, exemplary leader is the same as becoming a fully integrated human being."

Welcome to Integral Organizational Leadership.

Five Days to Breakthrough Leadership Effectiveness

Integral leadership is the capacity to engage both people and systems. Most of today’s leaders are proficient with the technical dimensions of their organization’s products and processes. Others are adept with the human elements of culture, ethics and behavior. Only the Integral Approach offers a complete roadmap that includes both the interior and exterior competencies necessary for effective leadership in today’s brutally competitive and fast-changing world.

During this powerful five-day training, you will enhance your leadership capability while joining a growing community of professionals committed to whole-person / whole-system leadership. Through an unfolding series of didactic and experiential learning modules, you will be guided into a deeper understanding of the world's first truly Integral Approach to business leadership, known as AQAL ("all-quadrant, all-level"), an integral approach tailored directly to your specific leadership challenges.

You’ll learn how to enhance your own proficiency with development along the cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, moral and spiritual lines. You will discover practical insights into your actual organizational dynamics and become a more effective, inspiring leader your very first day back on the job.

Who Should Attend?

This hands-on training is open to all organizational leaders who are familiar with integral theory and who wish to learn how to successfully implement integral approaches in their teams and organizations. This seminar is well suited for executives and managers in business, education, healthcare, religious communities and non-profit organizations. The program is also beneficial for in-house and contracted coaches, management consultants and change agents.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Learn how to navigate the basic elements of the Integral Model (all quadrants, lines, levels, states and types). You’ll leave with deeper theoretical understanding of the integral approach as well as practical strategies specific to your actual working situation.

  • New leadership tools and methods for integrally informed strategic thinking, innovation, communication, collaboration, negotiation and conflict resolution.

  • Multiple intelligences: not just emotional intelligence, but interpersonal, spiritual, moral, and even physical.

  • Using the four quadrants as a quick scanning device to diagnose your organization’s ailments, so you can design more complete treatments. NOTE: You are invited to bring your current problems and opportunities to the workshop for discussion and real world application.

  • Gain a panoramic view of society’s evolutionary development in a cultural, technological, environmental and geopolitical context, revealing dynamics crucial to your organization’s—and your own—success.

  • How to use multiple perspectives to gauge an individual’s or group’s meaning-making systems so that you can more effectively influence, support and lead them.

  • Integral decision-making: techniques that allows for more comprehensive assessments and laser focused action.

  • Integrally informed methods to expand your team’s capacity to make sustainable changes and resolve situations that have proven resistant to change.

  • Gain a clearer sense of your own growth along various lines of development. Identify personal and career goals and specific methods strategies for achieving them.

  • PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to receive Ken Wilber’s perspectives regarding your most pressing questions, concerns and issues in an informal, intimate atmosphere of learning and discovery.

How is the Seminar Structured?

Integral Organizational Leadership is itself an example of integral practice, and is designed to engage you physically, emotionally, cognitively, interpersonally, and spiritually. We will employ a balance of informational/didactic, group process and experiential learning modules, integrated to build from the first morning’s session to the closing day.

We will also focus on helping you develop and strengthen your own integral transformative practice, with modules including:

  • Contemplative practices
  • Introspection and self-discovery
  • Exercise and movement
  • Self-expression and fun!

One of the primary goals of this seminar is to facilitate a community—and an on-going support system—of integrally informed leaders.

Through the vast facilities of Integral University online (which premieres in summer 2004), you will be connected to the world's first integral business learning community
—with online events, seminars, and conferences, all designed to move the integral field forward—with your help!

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About the Facilitators

Ken Wilber is generally regarded as the world's most influential integral theorist. With 23 books in over 30 languages, he is also America's most widely translated academic writer, and a pioneer in integral approaches to everything from business to ecology to psychology and spirituality. He is the founder and president of the Integral Institute has worked closely with the Business and Leadership domain in designing the curriculum for the Integral Leadership seminars.

John Forman is a founding member of Integral Institute and serves as co-host of the Integral Business and Leadership domain at Integral University. John is the Managing Partner at Integral Development Associates where he serves as strategist, consultant, facilitator and executive coach. He has taught integral theory and methodology at the National Defense University, the New England Complex Systems Institute, the International Society of Systems Sciences, the University of Washington, the International Leadership Association and Stagen Leadership Institute. John’s specialties include the application of complexity, systems thinking and developmental psychology to management, leadership and change.

Brett Thomas serves as co-host of the Integral Business and Leadership domain at Integral University. Brett is a co-founder of the Stagen Leadership Institute where he serves as research and development director, strategist, consultant, facilitator, and executive coach. Brett is a fifteen-year veteran of the human performance field having facilitated hundreds of workshops and developed dozens of custom training programs for corporations. He has logged more than 5,000 coaching hours supporting CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs. Brett’s specialties include developmental learning, peak performance, strategic alignment, innovative thinking, change engineering and transformational leadership.

Bert Parlee is a founding member of Integral Institute and serves as Executive Vice President and chief facilitator and host of the Integral Psychology domain at Integral University. Bert has served on the faculty of John F. Kennedy University, The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, The California Institute of Integral Studies, Naropa University and Stagen Leadership Institute. He is a principal partner, consultant, and executive coach with Integral Development Associates, a management consulting and leadership development firm serving business, non-profit and government clients. Bert is a PhD licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a member of the American Psychological Association.

Leo Burke is a founding member of Integral Institute and serves as host of the Integral Business and Leadership domain at Integral University. Leo is the Associate Dean of the Mendoza College of Business and Director of Executive Education at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to joining Notre Dame, he spent twelve years at Motorola, Inc. Widely acknowledged as a leader and innovator in education within Motorola, Leo distinguished himself in a wide variety of roles including program designer, facilitator and Director and Dean of Motorala’s College of Leadership and Transcultural Studies. In this capacity he led a global team responsible for the education of 16,000 executives and managers in the U.S., China and India. Leo is a recipient of the President’s Award, Motorola University’s highest honor for excellence and outstanding achievement.
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