Integral Institute offers coaching in the following areas:

Integral Life Practice Coaching™
Working within a flexible system of core and auxiliary modules, you and your coach will design an Integral Life Practice (ILP)—the ultimate in body/mind/spirit cross-training. ILP builds on your innate capacities, and readily includes any practices you may already have or traditions in which you may be studying. I-I certified ILP coaches are fully versed in the AQAL approach to living, and will work with you to tailor it to your needs. Required resource: The Integral Life Practice Starter Kit.

Integral Spiritual Coaching
Integral Institute’s trained spiritual teachers represent the major spiritual traditions as well as an emerging "trans-path path" of practice and realization. Your coach can help you deepen your spiritual life with instruction in meditation, centering prayer, introspection, and other forms of spiritual practice—all situated within the inclusive AQAL Framework .

If you are interested in either Integral Life Practice Coaching or Integral Spiritual Coaching, please click here for information on how to sign up.

(Interested in professional coaching? Click here to be taken to Integral Professional Coaching.)

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