Integral Training is a service of Integral Institute, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing an Integral approach to virtually all areas of life—from personal growth to professional practice to spirituality. We believe an Integral approach is the best way to address the problems of today’s world. We believe Integral consciousness is the most effective means of realizing our highest aspirations, both individually and collectively.

Your donation to Integral Training directly supports this Integral Vision. Your generosity will sustain numerous Integral initiatives, each attempting to bring some greater depth, clarity, and understanding to the world. This includes Integral University and Integral Spiritual Center. It also includes the creation of scholarships for Integral Training offerings, and the building of an Integral Network of practitioners and professionals across the globe.

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Join the President's Circle. Members of the President's Circle have access to intimate gatherings of senior Integral Institute members. We work closely with President's Circle contributors in designing programs to advance the Integral approach. Some benefits of joining the President's Circle include:
Periodic conference calls with I-I executives, including time for Q&A with Ken Wilber
Priority acceptance into I-I training events and conferences
Free membership in the Integral Multiplex
Signed copy of Ken Wilber's next book
Invitations to private events with Ken, special guests, and other President's Circle members
Opportunities to network within the global Integral community
To learn more about the President’s Circle, please contact Huy Lam at

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