A Comprehensive Approach to Human Growth

Today we are faced with an astonishing opportunity. For the first time in history we have access to all of the great transformational traditions of humanity. The introspective technologies of the mystics, East and West . . . the elemental power of the earth-based creeds . . . body- and energy-centered practices . . . the deeply personal revelations of theism . . . the martial and aesthetic arts . . . all are vividly transmitted to us through the voices of their most accomplished masters.

And that’s not all. We also hold the priceless gifts of science: deep insight into our own physiology, psychology and social dynamics—plus the time, in leisure and lifespan, to make the most of it.

This new wealth of opportunity calls us to a new, comprehensive approach to human growth and development. The call is to integrate, to take a panoramic view of self, culture and nature, and to embrace the insights and tools that serve the highest potential of All.

Welcome to Integral Life Practice!

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